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Popcorn Times Media Streaming Player Available on Android – Features, Details

Popcorn time is an open source service and also a BitTorrent client that streams pirated content like movies and T.V shows from the torrenting sites. This Popcorn times is now available on Android and an application and it can be downloaded from the developer’s website, as it was removed from the Google Play store because of the piracy reasons.

The Popcorn Time app is an app from Time4Popcorn and it is a full featured app that will let you browse the videos, stream and download them. Popcorn time makes it easier to download and find torrents by using a client and later manage the files and watch the videos in a simple visual format. The new release also includes TV shows where you need to select the TV tab and then your favorite show that you want to watch. The downloading starts automatically with a single click while watching the video.


According to TechCrunch report, the developers said that this app was available on the Google Play but was moved out of it due to “intellectual property violation”.  All the movies are available in 720p and 1080p streams where the user has the option of choosing from them. Although the Hollywood content is being leaked, it won’t affect them drastically as views are lured to watch movies on big screen with advanced technologies.

The Popcorn Time will be an open source and the source file for Android can be downloaded as they are available on GitHub. The Popcorn Times is a popular desktop application that provides free service even for it Android app. It is developed by a group of programmers from Argentine earlier this year but later in March they stepped down from it. Later Torrenting website YTS took the project and made it an open source that lets any one view and modify the source code.

In the FAQ of the Popcorn times, it is given that – downloading the copyrighted material may be illegal and it should be used at your own risk in your country. The app is available from the developer’s website and you can easily download it.



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