Enable 31 Hidden Options on Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note II – Download Free App

The Samsung Android smartphones do come with a long list of hidden options, especially in the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S4, which come as the CSC files and it’s just a matter of enabling them for the hidden options to be a super user taking more advantage of the device options.

If you are unaware of all this, the CSC editors on the Android devices make it possible for the users to modify the various hidden settings and features, and some of those features that we were looking for in the normal settings, are present but hidden which can be exposed and changed by doing the following steps:

There’s an app available on the Play Store which would do the job of changing the hidden settings on the Galaxy S4 and the Note II, and some of the settings are as follows:

  • Adding an option of Shutter sound on/off to the camera app
  • Turning on Infinite Scroll mode on the launcher and app drawer
  • Extending how many contacts you can join together

Samsung Galaxy Note II Hidden Extra Settings Samsung Galaxy Note II Hidden Settings

If you have some knowledge about all this, entering the file system as a developer and making the changes to the settings is possible, but that could be dangerous and cause permanent issues to the device, so the app makes it easier.

For you to make these changes, the device has to be rooted or else the process wouldn’t happen. There are several different categories in which the settings can be changed, and these include – Messages app, Dialer app, Contacts, Browser, Camera, System Preferences, Launcher and App Drawer, Gallery app settings.

There is an automatic backup created by the app itself, so that it could be restored if anything goes wrong anytime. As for others who wanted to try this on their device, other than the S4 and Note II, they have to ensure that the device has got Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later, and it’s not guaranteed that this app would work for all the devices, but because you can bring things back to normal, give it a try.

One of the favorite features for me is the toggling of the shutter sound, and this app makes that easier for me through the Camera app directly. You can keep trying to change the settings, add or remove features but in the end, if you wanted to have everything back to normal, there’s a simple touch of the button needed in the bottom which brings everything to Default. The app supports devices which implement feature.xml or an others.xml file.

Check out and install the app on Play Store: Link



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