Mobo Portal from MoboRobo – Easily Copy Text from PC to Android Device

We’ve earlier recommended and talked about the MoboRobo software which does a good job of syncing and getting a lot of things done between the Android device and the computer. The compatibility doesn’t end with just the Android but also the iOS devices, and this is one of the very stable and decent software which makes it possible to manage a lot of stuff that includes the apps, messages, files and almost everything on the device.

This time, we talk about something more than that, with the Mobo Portal which enhances the functionality and makes it possible to not just transfer the files but also the text messages, directly the message threads that were on the device and vice versa.

The Mobo Portal comes as a new floating window plugin which helps in transferring two things – Files, Text messages thread. Apart from that, the portal keeps updating you with the weather information of your city in a small pop-up window, which can be hidden and activated any time. Now, first off, it’s a free software so we would we recommending it well for those who wanted to get things done from the larger to smaller device. Now, to copy the text thread from the PC to the Android device, here is what you need to do:

You need to update to the latest version, i.e. 2.1.3 from which the Mobo Portal has been introduced, and it would appear as a floating window. If it doesn’t you need to right click on the MoboRobo icon on the task bar and then select “Enable Floating Window”. This would activate the Mobo Portal.

Enable Floating Window MoboRobo

Connecting the mobile phone with the Moto Portal is possible in two ways – Either by connecting it using a USB cable, or by selecting “View connection wizard” to scan the QR code with the Mobo Daemon on your device.

MoboRobo Mobo Portal

Now, to send the SMS you would directly seen an option in the second tab where you can flawlessly type the SMS and then select the contact when the device is synced and then send it so that the phone does the needful.

MoboRobo Mobo Portal Sending SMS

Similarly, the Mobo Portal can help in sending the notes / text to the Android device where unlike the iOS device you cannot send the text to the Notes, but you can make it copied by the device clipboard so that you can easily paste it in the Notes app in the device.

MoboRobo Sending Memo Text

It’s lot more than what we have mentioned above, because the file managing and shifting is made easier and faster with the Mobo Portal, which helps in transferring the files just by dragging and dropping the files, and it would transfer the files in one of the two ways, based on your selection:
1) Smart transfer mode
2) Flash Drive

The Mobo Portal floating window appears as a transparent little circle which can be placed anywhere on the screen, and you can choose to have it in the corner hidden somewhere to expose only when you take the cursor over there. It’s a pretty productive software and utility that comes with the MoboRobo software for both the Android and iOS devices.

Download MoboRobo from here.

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