Galaxy Note 3

How to Experience Galaxy Note 3 Features on any Android Phone

Are you looking to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from your old Android device and want to try out the features before committing to it, then here is the solution to it, there is an App which will let you get all the features and you can get a good feel of what will be at offer in the Note 3.

The App is available in Google Play Store named: Galaxy Note 3 Experience. This App is available for Free in Play Store and your Android device must be having Android 4.1 or latest OS to be able to run this app. And the device must have a 1920×1080 Resolution and 1.4 Ghz CPU to get a smooth and nice experience.

Galaxy Note 3 Experience app 1

Go to Google Play Store and Install the Application: Galaxy Note 3 Experience

  • After installation when you launch the app for the first time you will be getting a Hands on Video which will give you a tour of what features and options are available when you own a Galaxy Note 3.
  • You can view the Key features and Accessory where the features available on Note 3 are displayed here like Air Command, Action Memo, S finder, Pen Window etc
  • After you have gone through the Video and the Key Features you can now experience the features available on Note 3 on your own android device.
  • You should select 3 areas of interest in the list available to let the app give specific features based on your requirement in the Design your Life Section.

Galaxy Note 3 Experience app 2

Features which you will be able to try out:

  • Air Command
  • Action Memo
  • Scrapbook
  • Screen write
  • S Finder
  • Pen Window
  • New Multi Window

But keep in mind that there will be some lag in devices which do not meet the Resolution of 1920×1080 and 1.4 Ghz CPU while using the features of the App. There are rumors of Note 4 in the market so you are really interested in Note 3 and cannot wait any longer go for it or else you can wait for the Note 4 which is in the line and the rumor mills have started churning news about it.

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