Experience Ice Cream Sandwich on your Phone

Ice Cream Sandwich theme looksThe Ice Cream Sandwich operating system aka Android 4.0 launch around the corner as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be launched on October 19, 2011. The Google though of renaming the device from its previous name as Google Nexus Prime as Samsung Galaxy Nexus and it would be available only in United States through Verizon Wireless. The exact details on its price, availability on worldwide are not yet revealed by Google Android team. We believe that it would be available on its launch date which is not far away.

Ice Cream Sandwich Looks on your Phone

Anyways for those who want to get a sneak preview of Ice Cream Sandwich then can get it on their phone by just installing the Ice Cream Sandwich theme application on your phone. It will replicate the looks of Android 4.0 launcher and icons to provide you a stock experience and there wouldn’t be any more addition than the system apps. Once you have installed this theme on your phone, you are ready to experience the looks of Ice Cream Sandwich, which I think everyone would be testing it out or would be thinking to get it on their phone, atleast they can’t that update but they can have this look atleast on their phone as of now.

Ice Cream Sandwich Android update will mark a several development and enhancements in the Android history. With this app on your phone you get a new graphics for dock bar and you also get themed widget search provided by ADW. This app comes with preloaded wallpapers in the pack and you can find around 20 such wallpapers also the ADW theme are supported using this apps, so if you love any of the ADW theme you can straightaway go and install the same to be used on your phone.

Ice Cream Sandwich theme looks Ice Cream Sandwich theme looks Ice Cream Sandwich theme looks Ice Cream Sandwich theme looks Ice Cream Sandwich theme looks

Ice Cream Sandwich Theme Download

Ice Cream Sandwich Theme for Android phone can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs and along with that you would also need to install various apps if required for your phone. Those additional apps would be prompted while running this apps and never to worry about it in advance.



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