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Facebook Messenger for Android – Features & Review

Facebook Messenger logoWhat better it can be than staying connected with your loved ones 24×7? I know nothing can be better than this and in an age where we talk of the Androids, Apple or even any other platform, the communication and integration of things is the key. In the similar lines, Facebook has come with an innovative concept which is similar to the ones like Blackberry Messaging , Whats App or Google plus or Live Profile which are the messaging apps. An all new application to join this league is the “Facebook Messenger” which promises to keep all your facebook friends connected with you right through. This facebook messenger is simple to use as its nothing but an independent app wherein you can update your facebook status but can have a chat with all the friends who are there in your facebook account.

As a proud reader of, you no longer need to wait for this “Facebook Messenger for Android” to arrive in an all new Android Market Place as we will see in the due course of this article on how you can download and see on how exactly this application works along with the step by step tutorial on the walk through of this application along with the screen shots.

The difference between the Whats App and this is that this works on the backbone of the facebook application which leverages the facebook account and the biggest advantage is that you don’t need to sign up for this service separately as all you need to use this application is just a facebook account. Though this application is not yet readily launched, this will soon be released to the public but since we have got this application even before anyone else, we are here to share with you the same.

Facebook Messenger Application for Android:

  • So before you proceed for more on how to use this facebook messenger application, you will first have to download the Facebook Messenger Zip File which contains the APK File of Facebook Messenger. Now, extract the same in your computer to get the apk file of Facebook Messenger. Please note that in the process of extraction, if it prompts you to enter the password then enter the password as “” without the inverted comas.
  • Once you get the APK File, connect your phone to the computer so that you can copy this APK File to the device. Once you do this, you will now have to find this apk file in your phone and open the same after which all you need to do is to tap on the option of “Install” after which the application will be successfully installed in your Android phone as shown in the below screen shot.

Facebook MessengerEnter Login CredentialsLoading Facebook Messenger

  • So, now once its installed and you have entered your facebook account login credentials, it will then show all your facebook friends as you can see in the below picture,

Facebook Messenger Friends

  • To chat with your facebook friends, you will have to tap on the friends navigation bar and just in case if you want to know whether the facebook friends are active or not then there is a simple way. All friends who are active or online on facebook will bear a BLUE Colored indicator just after the name of the user.

Facebook Message

  • This facebook messenger not only allows you to message to your friends but also allows you to chat as shown in the above screen shot. To send a message to your facebook friends then all you need to do is to tap on the top most right side indicator so as to get an option to send the message as you can see in the above image. In the “To” field you will have to send the name to whom you wish to send the message. As soon as you type in the message, just tap on the “Send” tab.

Facebook Messenger Menu

  • Now, for more options or personalization, you will have to tap on the “Menu” key on your phone so as to get the options like as shown int he above screen in which you will find the options like “Settings”, “Refresh”, “New message”, “Help”, “About” and “Log Out”. You can choose the options accordingly to further customize as you can see below the screen shot of “Settings” as well as of “Help”.

Facebook Messenger HelpSettings Facebook Messenger

In the Facebook Messenger Settings you will find the options like Alerts, Sound, Vibrate, Light, Ring tone, Location Service and other options like Advanced which can be configured as per your needs and requirements. So, that’s it in this way you can successfully power your communication with the mighty app called Facebook Messenger. Do let us know on how this application fared for you. Also, if at all there are any issues then do let us know as we will try to solve the same as soon as possible.

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