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How to do a Factory Reset of Samsung Galaxy S5 & Wipe the Data [Quick Tip]

There are situations everywhere. You would sometimes want to get rid of all the settings, stuff and the data that you collected on the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the easiest reason for that – you wanted to hand the device over to someone else, or in worse situations, are selling off your S5 to someone else. But while doing this, you need to be selective and check what all you wanted to get rid of, and what you wanted to store or retain.

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Before you get into the actual process which is quite easy, there are a few things you need to take care of –

  • Transfer the photos, music or any personal files to the MicroSD card storage
  • Pop the SD card out before the factory reset
  • Ensure that there is at least 75% of battery left in the device, or plug the device for charging

Once you have done the above steps, follow the below ones to do the factory data reset of your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Go to Settings by either opening it from the App list, or by dragging the notification panel down and tapping the wrench icon
In the settings, scroll down to reach the “User and Backup” section, and under that, open “Backup and reset”

Samsung Galaxy S5 User Settings

In this section, you get to see the various options such as backing up of the data, the backup account and automatic restoring of the data when an app is reinstalled in the smartphone. You need to select the last option, i.e. “Factory data reset”.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Factory Data Reset

When you tap on that, you will see a warning about what you are going to do. The data such as music, photos, user data, decryption key for files on SD card etc. along with the Google account, settings and the downloaded apps are all going to be deleted if you choose to perform the factory data reset. And that was your intention, right? if yes, you need to tap on the bottom “Reset device” option and then enter the alternative password to confirm.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Confirm Reset

Once you are done with that, you will be seeing the phone restarting and showing you the welcome page as a new user does when starting the phone for the first time. Head over to the Samsung Galaxy S5 section to learn more about the device, and read more tips and tricks if you own an S5. Check out the Samsung Galaxy S5 photo gallery.

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