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Samsung Galaxy S5 Photo Gallery – Pictures of Water Resistant Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t made with some superior material, as its the same plastic which is modified to have a stipled appearance on the back, but still, this is the best in the Samsung lot till now, although there was some appreciation to the Faux leather which was used in the Galaxy Note 3 and a few successive devices launched later.

We tested the Galaxy S5 in the water jar for checking the water resistance, and it responded well though the touch didn’t work the way one would have expected it to, but that is fine until your phone is safe under water. Here are a few pics below detailing the sides, parts and the main USP of this device – the IP67 rating – water resistance.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Water

Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Resistant

Samsung Galaxy S5 Front

The flap over the USB 3.0 port. This flap has to be closed whenever there is no USB connectivity, as that would protect from the weather conditions.

Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Cover

The light under the finger, is the place where the Heart rate sensor in the Galaxy S5 is. The sensor activates by itself when the S Health app is open and you place the finger over it. There are some rules though, as improper placement and heavy pressing won’t help in recording it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Heart Rate Sensor

Pretty comfortable on the hands, just like the S4 was. Thus we said, there isn’t much of a difference between S4 and S5 when you talk about the dimensions and build.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hands-on

Samsung Galaxy S5 Front Full

There are a couple of sensors beside the 2-megapixel camera on the front side. The front too has got a dotted surface.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Front Camera

That’s where the finger scanner would want you to swipe. The scanner is located underneath the home button, so you need to signal the phone that you are scanning, by swiping the finger first on the bottom of the screen and continue it on the home button.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Finger Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Full

The internals on the back – 16MP camera, Flash, Heart rate sensor, the MicroSD and SIM card slot, the battery and the speaker area.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Area

The sides –

  • Left has the volume rocker key
  • Right has the power / lock key
  • Top has the IR blaster, secondary mic, 3.5mm headset jack
  • Bottom has the USB 3.0 port with the flap for protection

Samsung Galaxy S5 Left Panel

Samsung Galaxy S5 White Bottom

Samsung Galaxy S5 Top

Samsung Galaxy S5 Right Panel

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