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Find Lost Android Phone with Map & Alarm Sound

Promethium LogoAlmost every day hundreds of mobile users across the World lose their mobile phones, and this is the situation where we become completely helpless at times, so is there any situation to get out of this situation? With a simple application named Promethium, you can get back the Android phone which can be easily located on the Map and also you can send a message to that phone with which you can make the lost phone buzz a loud Alarm sound. This application is available in the Android Market Place and also the same can be included in the Custom ROM if you want this software tool to get deleted on every software reset. Also, you don’t need to back up this application, if you add this software tool in the custom ROM.

There are basically three versions of this software application tool for Android. The 3 versions are Basic, Standard and the Expert. In the basic account which comes for FREE comes with a Single device per account support, can track the GPS Location and also can alarm on demand. In standard version, this too supports single device per account, GPS as well as the Network Location can be tracked, Alarm on demand is available, live tracking is allowed and also includes free Software updates for a period of 12 months. The standard version of this application costs  0.99 Pounds. The third mode of this software tool named Promethium comes with a price tag of 2.99 Pounds and comes with a multiple devices per account (a maximum of 5) and also comes with other features like GPS location, Network Location tracking, Live tracking and also includes free software updates for 12 months.

How to Use this?

First and foremost thing which you need to do is to simply remove all apps which are equivalent to this application and then you need to download Promethium and install this application in your Android device. And then simply, go to promethium and just sign up, after which you will need to follow simple instructions on your phone and need to register your device against your account. After registering you are done with setting up of this application on your Android device. This software application supports almost every Android operating system platform. Do, let us know if you encounter with any problems, we will be happy to guide you with the installation and configuration part. Also, please note that we have not created this application.

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