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Firefox for Tablets with Themes, Awesomebar, Tabs on Honeycomb

Sleek designs and amazing user interface is the meaning with Apple usually. Nevertheless, tablets powered by Google Android  platform might have a Firefox browser which looks attractive. If that happens, tablet version of Firefox would be the first tablet browser interface designed only for tablets. With the new browsers coming for tablet, Mozilla hopes to keep it relevant in the tablet market which is currently the hottest trend.

You have download Firefox for your PC and it works fine with your mobile phone. Since mobile phone and tablet PC are different devices, the latter has larger screen and some of the Android Apps which were designed for mobile interface shows small size on tablets. This gives users a bad experience and so you need compatibility which is provided by Spare Parts app for your tablet.

Firefox too gets a makeover for tablet PCs which is running on Android Honeycomb operating system. Other low hardware Android Gingerbread tablets should have this problem, to rectify it use Spare Parts app available for download at Android Apps Labs. Mozilla team is working continuously for a better Firefox browser on your fast Honeycomb tablet.

Here are few updates that we have for Firefox while using them on Android Honeycomb tablets.

Firefox Awesomebar

The Firefox Awesomebar uses the tabbed menu to allow quick access to Firefox bookmarks, browsing history and sync with your desktop. The mobile users would notice that the Awesomebar is moved on to the left thus increases the size of Firefox display.

The Firefox Awesomebar looks like this – Firefox Awesomebar

Tabs are Back

A significant change in Firefox from the mobile version observed on Honeycomb tablets would be the availability of tabbed browsing and other elements. On a tablet with bigger screen tabs exist on a persistent left bar in landscape mode. So it’s clear that you can use your left thumb for toggling tabs thus allowing quicker browsing.Firefox Tabs on Tablets



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