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Google Introduces Smart App Updates in Google Play Store

Google after its announcement of Nexus 7 tablet during the Google I/O developer summit in last week of June has enabled what it called as “Smart App Updates” in Google Play Store for the Android smart phones. So what is Smart App Updates?Smart App Updates
Smart App Updates in Google Play Store

Until now, Android behaved in such a way when there is an update available for the apps it used to download entire updated version to the Android device. When you have a small size applications then its OK for everyone but this create problem when there is an update for big sized apps and games which not only consumes much of the data bandwidth but also waste unnecessary battery on your device. Smart App Updates will push the devices to only download the difference of the update file to the version that you have on your device and update only those chunks which are required to run the latest version. This is one of the most useful announcements for the Android users this year. This feature is not just the Android Play Store related as this is entirely pushed from the Google server side and users will find no difference until you are peculiar about small things.

So whenever you download the latest update to any app on your device, check out the download bar and you will find that instead of downloading the whole size of the app, it will just push the update part only which is quite less.

Impact on Users
From users point of view, Smart App Updates is quite handy for them. They don’t need to waste time on updating their application, dont waste expensive data charges for updating. Moreover while the application is downloading, more power is consumed to download the data from the servers, this inturn waste battery life. And big advantage is that you won’t have to wait for 1-10 minutes to update your apps.

For App Developers
Until now every users waited for the free Wi Fi to update their apps but since ‘Smart App Updates’ has arrived you no longer need to wait and can proceed with more frequent app updates.

For Telecom Operators
Due to several users trying to update app all the time whenever they are connected to the web, some of them were successful but some of the users need to update it again due to several reasons. This caused a congestion in the network and subsequently effecting the download speed of all the users who are accessing the same server at a given point of time. Since the update file is small, number of downloaders at a given point will be decreased by large numbers and this is free up network to an extent. The telecom operators would be happy to see this.

More from Google is about to come as we see upcoming Gift card and Wish List support to the Google Play Store. It looks likes Google Play Store is up for the complete revamping.



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