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Best Fitness App: Calorie Counter app for Android users

MyFitnessPal is one of the places people usually visit, to track how fit we are, and what weight loss/gain we have in the recent past. They have the Android application for the same, using which the users of the Android Phones can track the status of their fitness progress daily by updating their health vitals etc. on daily basis and setting up goals to gain/lose weight and maintain a good calorie count, excess of which could lead to various issues that relate to the increase in weight. The app is named Calorie Counter, and it is almost the same in the Android and iOS phones.

The application has a lot of features, main ones including:

  • Options to enter the food details, weight and height details and all the other stuff that helps tracking the entire body fitness. All of this just 1-2 clicks away and in the easiest way.
  • The app has a database of lakhs of food items, having the calorie count of each, showing how many calories you gain with that particular food item.
  • Barcode scanner – one of the best helpers, as it scans the barcode on the covers of food items and brings out the match, explaining the calorie count of that particular item. This saves time as you don’t need to search for that food item from the large database by typing the name.
  • Options to create your own custom foods and exercises, track all major nutrients, progress reports, customized goals based on your diet profile, recipe calculator etc.
  • Learn new exercises, by checking from upto 350 different kind of exercises, both of cardio and general fitness exercises.

calorie counter start  calorie counter height  calorie counter gender

calorie counter activity level  calorie counter goal  calorie counter dob

Once you download the application, you are asked to register to their website, and that could be done directly from the application itself. If you already have an account, you could login and enter the various details which include –

  • Current weight, in lbs or kgs
  • Goal weight, in lbs or kgs
  • Your gender
  • Your height, in cms
  • Your date of birth
  • Your activity level – Sedentary, Lightly Active, Active and Very Active
  • Exercise goals – How often do you plan to workout
  • What is your weight loss goal – From losing 2 pounds per week, to gaining 1 pound per week with +/- 1/2 pound per week
  • Your location – Country and Pin code
  • Details for the account

calorie counter food details  calorie counter progress  calorie counter week summary

Once the account creation is done, you would see the net calorie goal per day, and the target weight for the particular date. You could start tracking and the app would show you multiple graphs, where you would see the various food items what you ate, and the weight that you entered daily, showing how the weight is reducing/increasing.
Definitely one of the best applications for the Android users, similarly available for the iOS users, with no much changes. It isn’t a static application where you need to do things manually for the calculations, as Calorie Counter app automates everything.

You can download the Calorie counter app for the Android phones from the market.

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