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Hospital finder app for Android – Helps find hospital based on location

hospital finder mapsGoogle maps is there for any particular location, any particular landmark etc. but there is an application for Android phones which helps people find only the hospitals, clinics and health service places at and around any particular location, which is indeed a helpful thing when someone needs to find a health care center around the place they are, in emergency but can’t find anything through Google maps because of the limited knowledge of the usage where one could not sort the results in particular.

One of the best advantages of this Hospital Finder application is that you even get to know all the locations of the dental hospitals, apart from the medical health care centers, and you get the options to call the phone number given in the listing. i.e. you don’t need to type in the phone number by noting it down, but you can just click on the phone number and it would initiate the call.
The application is linked to the Google maps from within its interface, and when you wanted to find the particular hospital and its location on the map, it would take you to the highest zoom and most of the other landmarks around it are given, making it easier for you to find the exact location while you are traveling.

In case one has an option to call in case of emergency, the services like Justdial would be helpful but for those with an internet as option to search, the Hospital Finder application is a lot helpful where you don’t have to search for the location and hospitals around, where you get the other listings such as restaurants, pubs, coffee lounges, banks, stations etc. along with the hospitals and health care centers which you are searching for.

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Features of the Hospital Finder app for Android:

  • Enter your location, or it searches based on GPS – and it finds the hospitals around your location
  • Separate listing for each hospital, having options of calling the number, checking the details of the hospital
  • Opening the location of the hospital in Google maps, where people could search for the directions
  • Adding any hospital to the “My favorite” section, from where you could access it anytime without having to search for it again

If you are not familiar with the places which you are searching for, the option of searching based on the radius around a place comes out handy. One can search for hospital within the area of maximum 20 km from the place where you are searching. Increasing the radius area would help in getting more results, and also you could find the places which you are familiar with, making things easier when you are in an emergency.
There aren’t always the same times when you would not be able to make a call for emergency, and would need to rely on the applications or the internet. The Hospital Finder app could be the best help in such cases.

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The Hospital Finder app for Android is available for free in the Android Market.

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