Fix for Droid X Calendar Sync issues with Google Account

Droid X Logo by MotorolaHaving a Droid X Android smart phone and facing issues related to the Calendar Sync? Then we are here to guide you in overcoming and fixing this. It has been found that despite using the third party Calendar applications for the Droid X, the issue continued to pertain. Over a due course of this article we will see the two different ways with which you shall be able to overcome or fix this calendar issue. It’s very unfortunate that Motorola Inc. hasn’t yet come up with neither a fix nor an update of Gingerbread. We will try our level best to come up with a new Gingerbread release very soon on AndroidAdvices.com.

Also, the good news doing the rumours that soon the new Android 4.0 version of Ice Cream Sandwich will be popping up for this Motorola Droid X un officially. Though this update might not be an official one from Motorola Inc. but will be launched with the help of third party developers who are developing an update for the same.

So, coming back to the issue, let’s check out on what are the two fixes.

Option 1 for Motorola Droid X Calendar Sync Fix:

  • Head to the pat “Settings > Applications > Manage Applications” and then tap on the “Calendar Storage”. Just in case if you are on the “Downloaded” tab in the Manage applications, change the same to the “All” so that all the apps are listed over there.
  • After this you will find an option called “Calendar” and choose “Clear Data” to clear all the cache data which is there in the device. After this again let the calendar app to sync.

Just in a rare case if the above step refuses to work then you need to try following the below mentioned process.

Option 2 for Motorola Droid X Calendar Sync Fix:

  • First up you need to create a new Gmail account and then you need to add the same from the path “Settings > Accounts & Sync > Add Account” after which you will see the Calendar, Gmail and Contact Sync option.
  • After adding the account, you need to ensure that all options are enabled so that they sync the data. Once the Syncing is done, you now need to delete the dummy account which you added and then your original calendar app should work without any issues.

Just in case despite following the above two processes, the issue is not resolved then you need to wait for Motorola to come up with the fix as these were the only two things which could have fixed the calendar issue. Not to worry as most of the users issue got solved with this always. Let us know in the comments section below if the issue still continues as we will try our level best to come up with the fix.

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