Fix WiFi Connectivity Error on ICS Android when SIM Inserted with WiFi Fix App

It looks like problem with Android and Wi Fi doesn’t get over with most of the Android consumers. Sometimes you might be able to connect your phone with Wi Fi but sometimes for many users the problem keeps repeating. Certainly most of the issues are related to the Wi Fi configuration but the problem can be different in different cases. One such explicit case was brought up by Fardjad wherein he noted that Wi Fi on his newly installed Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS doesn’t work.WiFi Fix

As a developer, he thought that’s a kernel issue as these things are pretty common with custom firmware’s but eventually he learnt that it was the problem when SIM card is inserted in your mobile phone. Furthermore he was helped by developers at XDA Developers Forums and he realized that changing the Wi-Fi country code in the Secure System Settings will resolve the issue quickly. Finally a solution to his problem was brought live on Google Play Store as he designed an Android application which can automatically change the Wi-Fi Country code.WiFi Fix

Sadly, this application works only for the rooted devices and it can be downloaded in the APK file format easily. The working of this application and installation is quite easy, you just need to open the apk file for installation after when you have downloaded, copied it to the root of your SD card. Once application is opened, you should do nothing as the application will automatically change the Wi-Fi country code when needed. You can invoke WiFix by manually dialing “*#94349#.WiFi Fix

Users who want to disable this application they can simply uninstall this application using the known Android app uninstall process.



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