Shush App Turns Back Ringer ON After Custom Silent Mode Time

Shush is an Android application, unlike other apps which does a lot of works under single apps it’s designed to do one little simple task, but it does pretty smartly. We found this smart work interesting and though to share with Android Advices readers. Once this app is installed on your device and when you silence your phone’s ringtone, it will show up a dialog box as shown in the screenshot attached asking you how long you want to turn back to your normal settings automatically.Shush Timer Settings

Interesting thing is the how the timer is set by the users. Unlike picking up with HH:MM time format, it has circular slider making the app user friendly. The users need to tap on + and – only and you can set the time period from 15 minutes till two hours maximum. We really loved the design user interface of this application and it doesn’t consume much of your resources space.Shush Timer Settings

Shush is very much useful when you have an urgent unscheduled meeting. You can silent your phone and Shush ask you for how many minutes do you want to turn back the ringer ON. And so you can blind folded turn back your setting to the normal again. Shush finds its application when you are watching movie in theater or when you are in a class.Shush App

Shush app has overall rating of 4.5 in Play Store among 13,000 users who voted with half a million downloads. App is light weight with 100k as the file size. We hope that they include the ability to create schedule which might make the app much better.

Shush Android App Download

Shush application for Android mobile can be easily downloaded by visit the Google Play Store for free. On your device open the Google Play Store and search for ‘Shush’. Tap on Install, Accept Terms and Agreement and there you go.

Android Advices Application Rating – 4.5 / 5

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