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Focal Camera App for Android brings Customization, HDR and More – Free in Play Store

Focal App WelcomeThe Focal Camera app was earlier a part of the Cyanogenmod and it was being sent in the nightly builds of the mod Phase 2, but later the developer of the camera app, Guillaume Lesniak, left the team and has now made the Focal app beta version available for free on the Google Play Store. As you see that the app is in the beta version, you should not be expecting really much from it already but the options given in the app can come to better use when your device’s camera application isn’t providing these options.

To start off, a few options that would be directly available to the users in a long bar, include the following:

  • Voice Trigger: Saying words like “Cheese”, “Cid”, or “Whiskey” would trigger the Focal app to capture the photo
  • Burst Mode: Can capture a lot of shots when you keep the shutter key pressed for a long time, with the captures being in multiples of 5
  • Video Snapshots: This would make it possible for the users to capture snapshots while recording the videos using the Focal app
  • HDR Mode
  • Auto White Balance
  • Scene Mode – Includes Candlelight, Landscape, Beach, Automatic, Fireworks, HDR
  • Effects: Includes negative, whiteboard, black & white, Blackboard, Sepia
  • Color adjustment
  • Auto-enhancement
  • A review drawer, by sliding from the top of the screen (in portrait). It shows your latest pictures.

Focal App Options  Focal App Settings

Panorama Capture (Picsquare): As explained by the developer of the app:
The Panorama mode as you know it has been greatly enhanced. It works just as it used to work previously in the AOSP camera app, but now it works at a higher resolution to give you the best looking panoramas, and it lets you take panoramas up to 360° (where it used to be 160° in the standard camera app) for stunning pictures of your current location.

There is quite a lot more than what a normal camera app in the mid-range or low-end smartphone would have. The panoramic capture possible to 360-degree is something which even many high-end smartphones fail to provide, and when the app isn’t eating much of the memory and isn’t hampering the performance, that should be a perfect companion to the lens of your smartphone. For many, this app can be used as the main camera app than the default camera app, because one might not want to have a separate app always for adding effects or have some modes.

Focal App Photos

The Focal Beta app for Android is available for free at the Play Store: Link

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