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Download AirCast to Play any Videos without Needing Google Chromecast

Ever since ChromeCast made an entry, there have been quite a lot of trials about alternatives, which enable the streaming even when you are not using the ChromeCast at all, but the device has the ChromeCast enabling and the job is done. We are talking about AirCast, an app being developed by Koushik Dutta, who shared it and said about the possibilities with this app.


AirCast is an Android app that lets you share videos from your Gallery, Dropbox, or Drive, straight to your Chromecast enabled TV. You get it now, with the possibility more than Youtube streaming, and without the need for the actual ChromeCast dongle. It’s quite easy to use, and it controls a lot of stuff including the streaming, share and play the videos from the various apps such as the Gallery, Dropbox and the Google Drive.

There’s a remote in the app that controls all the playing of the videos, sharing and streaming it and you can directly from the app, select the source app from where the videos can be played. There’s quite a few issues, and Koush is reverse engineering the protocols and thus not using the SDK. He reports that the app is in testing phase and thus it isn’t working on a few devices, such as the HTC One where the icon doesn’t appear in the Gallery app.

It was a self-destructing link, so here’s an alternative link for those who are looking to download and try the AirCast app: Click here. It would be a disappointment if we don’t see this app very soon in the Play Store.

Recently, there was one more excellent alternative for the Chromecast tool, which again didn’t need the Chromecast at all and the app would do everything needed without charging a penny – Cheapcast.

Source: Google Plus

If at all you are one of those looking for the actual ChromeCast, go here to buy ChromeCast and read more reviews about it.

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