How to Force Stop / Force Kill an Android Application

Your Android phone is a computing device which has processor to run apps. Though the processor is of limited speed it can compute enough number of applications but only certain number of apps together. Over the time when you are running many application, you would like to kill some apps.

A simple way to force stop your apps is to go to Settings, Manage Application then Menu button and then filter out the running apps. Now select the apps and click on Force stop. That was just about the normal android procedure that you do but we have an advanced task killer application available only for Android phones.

Advanced App Killer Advanced App Killer Advanced App Killer

Advanced Task Killer App

Advanced Task killer is simple and straightforward to use. When you open this tool and take a look at the running application list, you need to uncheck some apps which you don’t want to kill and then tap the button ‘Kill selected apps’. And it will kill those apps which you have selected.

Some of the apps might be shown which you aren’t running but they are invoked as soon as you turn on your mobile phone everytime. For such apps, if you want to run them continuously, you can ignore them and they will not show for the list again.

With this app you can automatic kill the apps with level from

Safe – Only kills the apps which aren’t running but still consumes memory.

Aggressive – Kill the apps in the background and apps aren’t running.

Crazy – kill all the apps.

The Advanced Task Killer can be download from App marketplace for free.

Here is the video tutorial that we have executed performing the same action –




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