Backup Apps Before Resetting Android Devices & Manage Files

Astro File ManagerSo, how many times you have updated your Android firmware after which you lost all your precious files along with the applications? Quite a few times, isn’t it? So, from now not anymore you will be losing all your precious applications and also files from your Android phone any time as with an application called the “Astro File Manager” you will be easily able to backup all your data. With just like any other file explorers this one too comes with a user interface which is breeze to use and also the best part of this is that this version of the Astro File Manager is free but will be the Ad version, if you want to use the Ad free version of the Astro File Manager then this will cost you 4$. This app can create the backup of SMB, Tar Files, Zipped files, thumbnails, images, songs etc.

If we look at the features of the Astro File Manager then it comes with the many of them, let’s check out the few which are important highlights of this application,

  • Rename, Copy and Move files to your SD Card,
  • Manage all files at just on a single screen,
  • Manage current running apps,
  • Application Backup facility,
  • View thumbnails of the images,
  • Create or flip through the Zip and Tar format files
  • Send the files via Bluetooth or even by WiFi

How to use Astro File Manager:

    • First up you will have to download the Astro File Manager from the Android Market Place which can be done by searching the application in the search box and then you can download and install the same by clicking on the “FREE” tab as shown below,

Astro File Manager in Market Place

    • As soon as the downloading of the application gets done, you will see in the home screen that the app has downloaded as shown below,

Astro FM Downloaded

    • After the downloading gets finished, you will have to just tap on the application which is downloaded which can be done by selecting the Astro application from the Applications as shown below,

Select Astro

    • After selecting the application which is named as “Astro”, you will see that the files will be explored in a neat and simple interface as shown below but before that you will have to accept the terms and conditions as shown below by pressing on the “Accept” tab,

Accept Terms and Conditions

    • After accepting the License agreement in the form of terms and conditions, you will see that all the files will be listed in the root format as shown in the below screen shot,


    • Now, suppose you wish to choose the songs which you wish to backup for example or also you can choose any other files which you wish to send it as zip of even back them up or even share all the files by first zipping it and then send the same, as you can see that you first need to select the files, please note that you just need to tap on the files which you wish to send and after tapping on the files selected the files will turn blue in color as shown below,

Select Files to Move

    • After selecting the files, just slide the top information bar of the screen and need to select the option called Zip files after which you will be prompted to enter the desired file name for the zip as you can see below that we have selected “androidadvices songs” and after which you just need to tap on the “Create” tab.

Zip the files

    • After this the zip file is created and now if you wish to send these files then all you need to do is to just choose the medium which can be either the WiFi or the Bluetooth as shown in the below screen shot. ASTRO file manager basically makes it easy to backup and restore all the important applications and also to install and un-install them. This means you can backup and un-install less frequently used applications, then quickly re-install them when needed. Since Android does not allow applications to be run from the SD card, this s the best thing for the users whose phones come with the limit internal memory.

Share Files

    • You can also additionally change the preferences as per your likings etc. as you will find the host of options which can be customized as shown below in a simple interface. You can also send images to other applications like Messaging or Picasa, or any other application that has registered to receive files in the sharing options as shown and mentioned above.


That’s it you can now successfully use this application to backup just almost everything in a simple manner by following the above tutorial in detail. You can download this application from the Android Apps Labs or also alternatively you can also download this application be scanning the QR Code from below,

Download Astro File Manager Application:

QR Code Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager QR Code App ratings – 4 / 5

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