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Samsung Galaxy S3 to get 16MP Camera & S5K2P1 CMOS Sensor

There are many rumors around the web claiming that the new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone would get a 16 Megapixels Camera, which would just make this phone directly call a Camera Phone rather than a smart phone. But these cannot be true unless Samsung officially confirms the same. Generally companies upgrade their devices to 12Mp of camera if the prior device have had 8Mp but lets wait and watch what Sammy is going to offer us.

The current specifications are rumored that the phone would get around 1.5 or 2Gb of RAM and a 2Ghz of dual-core processor and a 32Gb of inbuilt memory. The expected launch would be around the first quarter of 2012 before which we can expect Sammy to already sell around 25 Million units because the first 10 Million units were sold within first 4 months and now since its available almost world wide the number of sales would be bound to touch the sky.

Samsung Galaxy Phones

All of this information clearly shows that Apple is seriously getting a huge competition from Samsung, and its not just limited to their Mobile Phones but also in the Smart TV & Laptops sector. Samsung is on a launching spree and is announcing something Awesome every other day with the product being either at par with the other products in the industry or more advanced than them. We will keep you updated on this Galaxy S III phone and update you with more information whenever available.

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Here is our Samsung Galaxy S III Hands-On Review Smart Phone :



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