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Samsung Galaxy S5 rumored to get new Multi-hovering Technology – Details

The Rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 that is going to be the latest flagship model of the company is expected to get the new Synaptics technology that will be improving the accuracy for the finger hovering aspect of screen input that has bought along features like the Air Gesture and Air View.


This new Synaptic’s technology is an advanced technology that will be able to detect movement of the hand from as little as 15mm and it can go up to 30mm above the display screen. This is not all we got from this technology, we have something more as per the Korean media, claming that multi-hovering will be the hero of the day as it will be able to recognize part of palm as well as the fingers.

This input method will be able to detect more than on finger at a time giving Samsung the idea of using it in many innovative ways which will be a game changing in the field of gestures inputs. Earlier the Air Gesture and Air View were having a great impact as seen n in the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 devices but this multi-hovering technology is going to be something different from all these enhancing the 3D gaming.

There were other rumors also about the latest flagship Galaxy S5 that it would be having a 2560 x 1440p resolution on its display and will back a 20 MP camera with iris scanner and also a 2900 mAh battery with rapid charging technology. It will be coming with all the goodie from the latest Android 4.4 KitKat and top of it will be the Samsung new TouchWiz interface.

Samsung is planning to introduce few other gesture control features like tracking the head movement of the users while browsing a web page on the device. SamMobile claims that the front camera will be able to divide the user’s image into various sections and observe the change in the section and carry out the function. However we need to wait and see what the device will be.

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