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Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Phone Announced at with 5.2-inch Display, 16MP Camera – Specs, Details

Finally, Samsung has announced their new flagship device, the Galaxy S5. This one, unexpectedly comes with the 5.2-inch 1080p display, and the internal powering is by the Snapdragon 801 processor. Samsung has not changed the design much, but the back panel has a perforated texture which doesn’t really look impressive, and one would have found the Faux leather in the Note 3 to be better than this.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung is coming up with four color options for this – Charcoal Black, Shimmery White, Electric Blue and Copper Gold. Some of the new excellent features which are worth the mention, include:

  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS, the latest Android version
  • IP67 ratings for Dust and water Resistance
  • Heart rate sensor below the rear camera, S Health 3.0 app
  • Finger Scanner for the biometric phone locking and payment authorization

Apart from these, the camera included in the Galaxy S5 is a 16-megapixel one with the 4K video recording capability, and some of the other features include HDR (Rich tone), Selective Focus, Virtual Tour Shot. On the front side, there is a 2.1-megapixel camera.

Here is our Samsung Galaxy S5 hands-on which you can check to know completely about the device, and our first impressions about it. If you are already interested in this smartphone, check out the various Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories.

Check out our hands-on Video of the Samsung Galaxy S5 from the floor of MWC 2014:

There is a 2800 mAh battery included in the device, while the Galaxy S5 does have quite a lot of new features, thus one cannot easily call this just a minor upgrade from the Galaxy S4. Did you love the device already, given the specs?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Official Photos

Samsung Galaxy S5 Front Samsung Galaxy S5 Electric Blue Samsung Galaxy S5 Copper Gold

Samsung Galaxy S5 BackSamsung Galaxy S5 Skimmery White


Just before we get to see the latest flagship, Samsung S5 getting official at the ongoing MWC 2014, we get to see some leaked images of this device. The image suggest that the device does not feature a faux leather back as we saw in the Note 3, but will have a double dotted cover making it less prone to finger prints.  We can also see a 16 MP front camera as we expected earlier and the images also suggest that the device has a little bigger screen size than its predecessor and also carries a finger print sensor with a physical Home button. Below are the leaked images we got that look official and makes us more excited about the device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Leaks 1

Galaxy-S5-leaked- 2

Samsung Galaxy-S5-leaked-3

Image Source:SaudiAndroid@ & Redmondpie

Samsung Galaxy S5 leak 4

Samsung Galaxy S5 leak 5

Image Source:SaudiAndroid@

Samsung Galaxy S5 leak 6


Earlier – Samsung Galaxy S5 to be announced at MWC 2014 at Unpacked Event – Details & New Leaked Photos – February 7,2014

A couple fresh leaks have emerged showing the design of the Samsung Galaxy S5, sitting right beside the Galaxy S4, S3 and the LG Nexus 5. The leaked photos appeared on Moveplayer, and the design suggests that Samsung hasn’t done much of a change, and the look is more like the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 device. Let’s hope this is not how the Galaxy S5 should look, when it’s officially launched.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Leaked Pic

Samsung Galaxy S5 Nexus 5

Source: Moveplayer

Earlier – Samsung Galaxy S5 to be announced in Mobile World Congress 2014 at Unpacked event – Details – on Feb 4th, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5 finally seems to be the reality as Samsung has sent out invites of the unpacked event which is on February, 24, 2014. The reason on why its rumoured to the Galaxy S5 is because there is the mentioning of “5” in the invite which is mentioned below. Though, Samsung hasn’t mentioned any details about the Galaxy S5 launch we are optimistic about the Galaxy S5 announcement.

The latest leak of information about the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the model numbers, and SM-G900 being the actual International flagship variant, there are several models being certified all around in different regions, which even give an indication about more regional locking this time.

Here are the different model numbers which are known for now, by SamMobile –

– SM-G9006V_CHN_CHN (China)
– SM-G9008V_CHN_ZM (China)
– SM-G9009D_CHN_CTC (China)
– SM-G900A_NA_ATT (AT&T)
– SM-G900D_JPN_DCM (Japan)
– SM-G900F_EUR_XX (Open Europe)
– SM-G900H_EUR_XX (Open Europe)
– SM-G900I_SEA_XSA (Asia)
– SM-G900J_JPN_KDI (Japan)
– SM-G900K_KOR_KTC (Korea)
– SM-G900M_LA_VF (Vodafone)
– SM-G900P_NA_SPR (Sprint)
– SM-G900R4_NA_USC (US Cellular)
– SM-G900S_KOR_SKC (Korea)
– SM-G900T_NA_TMB (T-Mobile)
– SM-G900V_NA_VZW (Verizon)
– SM-G900W8_NA_BMC (BMC)

Interestingly, there is nothing seen for Australia or New Zealand, which means that would still take time, or Samsung might be sending the International unlocked devices there too.

Source: SamMobile

Earlier: On Jan 27th 2014
KGI Research is the latest to analyze something on the upcoming Galaxy device, and according to them, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to come with two different configurations – in the Prime and Standard versions. By the looks of it, there is no reason why one would rule this out and call this as a totally wrong list, because the specifications listed are almost the same which are being rumored since months now.

Just like we saw the Galaxy Note 3 in two variants based on connectivity – having the Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets, the Galaxy S5 is said to be having such configuration, and there would be two versions, the Prime one having 3GB RAM, while the Standard one having a 2GB RAM in it. The fingerprint support and 3D gesture support would be there on all the variants, and there is a 16-megapixel rear camera and 2850 mAh battery packed in.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs Prediction

The battery is always one of the important aspects in any smartphone, and when it comes to the flagship smartphones from th company, there are some challeges because of the display and huge powering which would make the battery last for less time. The Samsung Galaxy S5 battery is said to be better not just with the capacity, but also with the technology which would be used to save battery in a better way, and the charging options are going to get better by using the new Li-ion technology and the rapid charging.

According to a tipster who sent a report to Phonearena, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to have a 2900 mAh battery and although this is not really a very big change, as the Galaxy S4 has a 2600 mAh battery in it already, but the new Li-ion type of battery will be able to store around 20% more capacity while having the same size, so that nothing is compromised with the size.

The batteries for the flagship are made by a company called Amprius, a battery startup based in Silicon Vallery, and they have been shipping to the smartphone manufacturer recently, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 can become one of the first smartphones to get this battery.

Update: Rumors now claim that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a fingerprint scanner and not an Iris scanner which was being rumored earlier after the words from the VP of Mobile Business, Samsung. The Iris scanner would have a lot of challenges, and so Samsung is considering to include a biometric scanner for now in the next flagship smartphone from Samsung.


The executive vice president of mobile business at Samsung – Lee Young Hee, has said that they are considering to launch the Samsung Galaxy S5 with an Iris scanner by April, and if earlier, in the end of March 2014, and this would be along with the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. This now makes it almost clear that Samsung is not looking to make any announcement during the MWC 2014, but will look to hold an event in March for the announcement, just like the predecessor Samsung Galaxy S4.

According to the VP of Samsung, the next flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphone is going to be announced during the MWC 2014 event. This was reported by the Korean Media at the New Year’s Party in Seoul. To add to it further, Samsung’s VP and Head of Design Strategy, Dong-hoon Chang said that Samsung is going to launch two premium flagships in the first of the year. He even said that the company is excited about the material being used for the Samsung Gaalxy S5. Exciting days ahead for sure.

After the rumors about the processor and the huge battery, cameras that might be coming in the Galaxy S5, we are now hearing that Samsung is considering to place a Quad HD screen with the screen resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 and along with that, there would be a fingerprint scanner as well as an Iris scanner. Imagine, having such a beautiful display, would really be good for the users, or would it drain power unnecessarily? Because, this is the resolution that you see on a 27-inch iMac from Apple.

According to BGR, contrary to the earlier rumors, Samsung will be launching two versions of the Galaxy S5, where the difference would be in the material used for the exterior – Plastic and Metal.

The Galaxy S5 with a metal body is quite certain, as suggested by a report as Samsung is seriously looking to move ahead of the plastic construction they have used in several Galaxy devices, and the S5 being the next best flagship device, the company would be looking to make the best that remains the best choice for the entire year.

There are several concept photos and videos being sent by the designers and fans but Samsung hasn’t said anything officially about the next Galaxy. Taiwanese company Catcher was one of the first to get a deal for the metal casings for an upcoming smartphone from Samsung, and there are expectations that it could be the S5 for which Catcher is going to start the production soon.

A video showing the concept of the Galaxy S5 showed quite a lot of high-end stuff and if this is all true, we are going to see a beast. That includes a 64-bit octa-core chipset, 3GB of RAM and a 5-inch (yes again a 5-inch one) with a better resolution, i.e. 2560 x 1440 pixels. The latest Snapdragon 805 processor was launched with the 16-megapixel camera support, and thus we are going to see a 16MP camera in this, and it would record 4k videos. The Android 4.4 KitKat OS is obvious, and we expecting to see a 4000 mAh battery packed in.

But, this is just a fan-made video. And still, we would be pretty happy to see if all this comes to reality.

One of the latest rumors about the next flagship smartphone from Samsung, i.e. the Galaxy S5 says that it would be coming with the 14 nm Exynos 6 64-bit CPU, and with this, it could be the first Android smartphone to have a 64-bit CPU? iPhone 5S from Apple has the 64-bit A7 chipset and Samsung won’t be waiting for long before they come out with the upgraded CPU.

The architecture would remain the same, with Samsung including the Octa-core architecture of the Exynos chipset but it expected that the new one would have the capability to run all the cores at once. The production of these chipsets is expected to be by the end of this year, and Samsung would be the first to use the Exynos 6 chipset in the Galaxy S5.

Earlier: Aug 24th by Pradeep Neela
Innovation at Samsung started with Galaxy and it now seems that it will continue further and in the latest, the rumour series for Galaxy S5 has started already. While there is still no clue about the probable date or launch of this smartphone, it now seems that Samsung is thinking to showcase this smartphone as early as in CES 2014 or in MWC 2014 which is the upcoming tech shows scheduled in January and February 2014. So, let’s check out on what are the concept videos of this Galaxy S4 along with the details of the probable specs and features which are rumored as of now. Flexible Screen for Galaxy S5 still seems skeptical as there are still no news about mass production.

Rumored Specs and Features of Galaxy S5:

If we go as per the concept video, this smartphone is pegged to come with a 16MP of Rear Facing Camera with LED 1EA Flash and autofocus with advanced imaging solution. Galaxy S5 smartphone to come with the 6 inches of Screen Size of Full HD AMOLED Screen along with the aluminum body which is all set to replace the plastic body. With an incredible thickness of 5mm, this device also comes with the 2.4GHz of Quad Core Processor along with the Wireless Charging Capability. With various color options along with internal memory options.

This device will come with Android 5.0 Android OS which will be released very soon. It’s also rumored that this device comes with the Gravity UX which Samsung will soon be releasing. Samsung is also thinking to introduce something like Air Drop which will be revealed very soon.

Do let us know your thoughts about this smartphone in the comments section. We will keep you posted about all the latest information about the Galaxy S5 smartphone.



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