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How to Use Galaxy Tab as Remote Control for Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart AppSamsung Electronics the worldwide manufacturer of various electronics products. Until now we were just back of Samsung mobile phones but since Galaxy TAB has come many things are possible with it. The Samsung Galaxy Tab can be used as a remote control for the Samsung Smart TV that you have using Wi-Fi.

Galaxy Tab as Remote Control for Samsung Smart TV

All these are possible using the Samsung Smart View-Tab app developed by Samsung Electronics. This app is available for download on Honeycomb powered Samsung Galaxy TAB.

To make your Galaxy Tab as Wi-Fi remote control for Samsung Smart TV both your tablet PC and TV should be connected to the same wireless router and automatically your tablet PC would be linked to your TV where you can use the Galaxy TAB like a remote control. Interesting and its possible. Also one other interesting feature is that with this apps you can enjoy dual view i.e., you can enjoy TV on other multimedia straight from your Galaxy TAB which is connected to Samsung Smart TV and vice versa is also possible of watching your content available on your TV to be watched on Galaxy Tab.

While using Galaxy Tab as a remote control three tabs are provided at the bottom of the screen to help you control the device. The onscreen keyboard would be shown to your automatically on Galaxy TAB whenever there is a need to enter text. Also its possible to play games on TV as well.

Samsung Smart View Tab Samsung Smart View Tab Samsung Smart View Tab

This apps works on Samsung Smart TV for the models greater or equal to LED 7000, PDP 8000 and it works only on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9.

Samsung Smart View-Tab Downloads

The Samsung Smart View-Tab app can be directly downloaded on to your Galaxy TAB that you have. You just need to visit Android Apps Labs and click on Install or point your Bar code reader app to bar code present on the site.



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