Google caches Cards for Offline support to Google Now on Android – Details

Google has updated its Google Search App on Android devices by adding offline support to Google Now. The Google Now users can view their cards even when there is no internet connection and when you have lost the connection. All the important Google Now cards will be on device, loaded. More over where there is no internet connection and you try to use Google Now, it will be notifying you when and how long ago was the content on the device updated, so you can be sure of that the information that ou are getting is not very old.

Google uses the internet connection and will sync with it to store all the information, and when you are offline you can see all the important information like the appointments you have scheduled, the meeting that you have attended and need to attend. Every time when the device gets connected to the internet your device will synching automatically and stores all the data on your Android device.

Google Now offline update

Earlier we have seen that Google has added many new features to its Google now that includes Parking Location card that lets you to automatically find where your can has been parked, integration with Google Chrome, launch into playing music, take a photo or a video just by saying Ok Google. This new version can be now directly downloaded from the Google Plat Store.

Everyone who uses an Android device will definitely know what Google Now is, Just in case if you don’t know, Google now is developed by Google and is an intelligent personal assistant that is available in most of the Android devices. This Google Now was initially launched on July 9th 2012, supported in the Galaxy Nexus Smartphone. We will be seeing many more updates for the Google Now feature as Microsoft has also launched an intelligent personal assistant on to the Windows Phone 8.1 device called as Cortana.


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