IFTTT Android App Automates Tasks and Connects Apps / Channels as Recipe – Features, Download

The Internet connection and automation service IFTTT has finally come for Android OS. There’s a special thing about the IFTTT service, which gives you the connections between the apps with a simple statement – “if this then that”.

IFTTT Android App

What IFTTT does is – it connects the applications, and these connections are called as Recipes. These recipes are the user-specified triggers which would connect the apps and services which the most frequently used ones on the web. To explain with an example, here it is:
Whenever you are posting an Instagram picture, or are saving one in your favorites, you can just ask IFTTT to save them to the Google Drive.

The task you created above is what the app calls as a Recipe. It would be a little confusing for the first time users, but once you get into the app and try to make a recipe, it would become very easy to set the stuff, and you can even share these recipes for others to take advantage of, and set the same for their phone.

There are channels in which you can get the tasks and automate them. The Android-specific channels include SMS, device, location, notification, phone call and photo. Some other excellent channels which come by default and which you can use, include Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo, Up by Jawbone, Facebook, Google Drive, ESPN, AllShare, Foursquare, Gmail and a lot more.

IFTTT Android App Features

The recipes / connections between the apps are all available in the collections and you can easily find the best ones in the Featured list. Overall, the IFTTT app does exactly what you wanted to do on a smartphone, the Automation at its best. This app was available for the iOS users since quite some time, after it was exclusively available for the web, but now this being available for Android, the features obviously are more than what the iOS version had, because the backup and syncing is possible in a better way here.

We would soon be sharing a list of best recipes which users can add to their list and automate the device in a better way. The app is available for free on the Android Play Store – Link.

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