Google Nexus Devices are not going to be discontinued, hints Google – Details

Here is good news to all the lovers of the Nexus devices, as Google’s Dave Burke has made clear that the Nexus series of devices will continue to come in to the market and the next flagship Nexus device will run Android L that is expected to be coming later this year. Earlier there were rumors that Google will be stopping the Nexus series of smartphones that and start manufacturing something different but it’s not the case now.

In an interview Burke, who is the Head of Android Engineering and Nexus Programs, confirmed this news and also quoted that people get excited easily and forget why they would be stopping the Nexus series that is so popular among the people. He also said that Android Silver is prospect doesn’t mean we will be stopping the Nexus and when asked about the existence of the Android Silver project he replied that Android Silver is not something that they will be commenting on for now.

Google Nexus 5 Camera

According to the rumors of the Android Sliver, the program will be giving certain  Android Handsets a special status called silver, that would involve giving them an additional promotion and various points of sale in the market and will also get access to special after sales support channel. Reports claimed that Android Silver devices will run stock Android with minimum to no customization and the manufactures should be agreeing for many other conditions. This Android silver will be a extended line up as the current Google Nexus series.

Burke also said that they are building a Nexus device and also building an open source code and there is no chance of building an open source without a phone or tablet and I don’t see any reason to turn away from Nexus devices, that wouldn’t make sense. Few days earlier we have seen HTC making a tablet with code name Flounder or Volantis that is expected to be the next Nexus tablet. Google Nexus device is the reference for its Android operating system that reflects the Google design and will offer stock Android experience.



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