Which Android App is the Best – Google PDF Viewer or Adobe Reader? – With APKs

While there are many PDF readers on Google Play Store and since most of the devices doesn’t have the native PDF openers the need for one app is a must. The reason for this article is simply because of an all new app from Google which is dubbed as “PDF Viewer”. Considering the fact that PDF has always remained very closely with Adobe as no other app is as popular as Adobe PDF for obvious reasons, let’s check out on how Google PDF Viewer app is when it comes to features. This new app from Google is a step towards strengthening its foothold even in the apps which are used by most of the users on Android ecosystem.

Google PDF Viewer:

To start off, this app is free to download app for all android users. This app lets users to view all the PDF files which are stored in the device, but currently this app doesn’t offer feature to edit the PDF files in any option. This app has the capability to search through all the PDF files which are there in the device. This app from Google is mainly for the users of “Google For Work” Program but this app can be used by all the users irrespective of the country/ region you are from. Even if you are using this app for the very first time, this app is very friendly in use. We have also shown some of the screen captures below with more details on what are the options available in the Google PDF Viewer app.

Google PDF Viewer 2 Google PDF Viewer 1 Google PDF Viewer 4 Google PDF Viewer 3

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Adobe PDF Viewer:

Adobe’s PDF Viewer too is a free to use app with which you can easily view the PDFs in your device and also this app opens all the PDF files from web, email and from other apps along with the share button. The best part of this app is that this app also allows users to highlight, make notes and also lets users to leave a sticky note feature. Adding to the list of features, this device also comes with the night mode and brightness lock for easy reading experience. Also, this one allows users to create the new PDFs and also one can experience added features like sign the documents, esign with the help of finger and also users can store, share and print the documents easily in the premium version of app.

Adobe PDF Reader 1 Adobe PDF Reader 2 Adobe PDF Reader 3 Adobe PDF Reader 4

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So, all in all while Google’s PDF Viewer app is nowhere near when compared with the features offered by Adobe. Going down the line Google might want to add more meat to its own PDF app. Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you used both the apps.

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