{APK} Download Official Google PLAY Store APK with Android L Material Design – Details

Google PLAY Store is all available in the Android L’s material design. While Google will be releasing this build out in public very soon, let’s check out on how this one looks like and how you can download the same for your android smartphone. The best part of this new build is that this one comes with the new easy design along with the new sections as well like “What’s New” which is the prominent section at the top. It was the last update of Google PLAY Store which had set most of the things for the new material design look. This latest version of Google PLAY Store comes with the build detail as 5.0.31.

What’s New:
What’s New section comes with the green color which highlights all the things which are there new in that particular build of an app. This section is now upfront against the earlier one for which you had to literally scroll down.  We have also mentioned the screen captures of the same,

Screenshot_2014-10-11-23-40-37  unnamed   Screenshot_2014-10-11-23-42-11

New Look:
Apart from the material design, this one also comes with the new PLAY Store icon along with the new icons set on the widget which is being shown below. With a flat design and a new look, this one seems to be one of the best looks ever as always. This also comes with the new widget which comes with the recommendations as well in your favorite category for all those who hate to find, choose and download the app.

Screenshot_2014-10-11-23-36-53 Screenshot_2014-10-11-23-40-18 Screenshot_2014-10-11-23-38-59 Screenshot_2014-10-11-23-37-50

Stability fixes too are a part of this release and comes with the tons of bug fixes when compared to the earlier version of 4.9.13. Kirill Grouchnikov, a User Interface Engineer at Google, posted a history of the Play Store icon’s evolution which we have mentioned below;


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