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Here is why you should buy Pixel smartphones directly from Google Store & not from Verizon

We already know that at the Made by Google event, the company announced that Verizon will be the exclusive carrier of the new Pixel smartphones in the US. But what we don’t know that who will handle the future updates of Pixel smartphones. Because that process will affect getting new features and updates. Plus there might be chances that if Verizon will handle the update procedure, it might include bloatware with updates. Nobody like bloatware and unwanted apps which you cannot uninstall. And if you are going to invest a large amount of money in a smartphone by Google, you really wanted a premium experience with the device. Now a report claims that Verizon will handle system updates for Pixel smartphones that company sell. On the other hand, Google will only handle Security updates for devices.

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According to a report, Google will send the monthly security updates whether you buy Pixel smartphone from Google Store or Verizon. But if you buy the Pixel from Verizon the actual system updates will be handled by Verizon itself. So the process will be first Google will release the system update, then Verizon will get hands on it and might install some bloatware or change it as they want and then they will send the update to all devices. This will take extra time, as Google already made the update public and one who has not bought the Pixel smartphone from Verizon will get the update first without any delay.

So if you are thinking to buy a Pixel smartphone in the United States, just buy it directly from Google Store. As you will get all kind of future updates instantly plus without any changes. We also know that Verizon doesn’t have a good history of handling this kind of updates. Google is selling an unlocked version of Pixel and Pixel XL on Google Store. Later if you want to use Verizon network, you can use it with an unlocked model as well. Plus Google has also made available some financing options of Google Store.


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