Best Home Switcher App with 3D Widgets Interface for Android

SPB ShellDoes your mobile phone allows optimization based on your personal needs? Are you tired of stock Android home screen and navigation widgets? If the answer is yes, then you should be ready to buy SPB Shell 3D app.

SPB Shell 3D is a popular paid home screen replacement app for mobile personalization. It provides the next generation mobile user interface on your mobile.

The SPB Shell 3D uses a carousel effects that spins the home screen around. SPB widgets pop-out from the carousel as the screen move around. The carousel engine is smooth and superb with live animation within the carousel 3D panel view. Surely this is an excellent alternative to those guys who are feds up with their stock android widget interface.

SPB Shell 3D has Smart Folder which automatically organizes contacts and tools in icon size, widget sized with an option to expand to fill most of the screen. It also includes 3D widgets which are useful. It places all of your Android widgets and shortcuts on to it.

With the intuitive 3D model using SPB Shell 3D on your mobile phone home screen you can perform the following action –

  • Activate panel in a single gesture
  • Enhanced program list
  • Easy app uninstall
  • Easy management of panels and home screen

It provides following cool 3D widgets to customize your home screen – 3D World Time, 3D Picture Viewer, 3D SMS Viewer, 3D Weather Graph, Calendar, Weather, Wireless switchers &
3D Birthdays.

You would be loving to see rich functions like animated weather, picture of the day based on Flickr and calendar on your home screen.

Unfortunately, the SPB Shell 3D priced at $ 14.95 is pretty high-priced for an Android app in Android market but we think the good-looking and smooth moving interface is worth it. It gives a complete new look to your Android interface. It works on phones with Android 2.1 and higher versions.

SPB Shell 3D SPB Shell 3D SPB Shell 3D SPB Shell 3DSPB Shell 3D SPB Shell 3D SPB Shell 3D

With SPB Shell 3D reaching close to 0.5 million download per month it receives an overall rating of 4. SPB Shell 3D supports Android based smartphones and tablets are not yet supported. It needs OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible graphic controller which can be download easily on your device.

SPB Shell 3D Launcher Video Review :

SPB Shell 3D Download

SPB Shell 3D is available for paid download at Android App Labs.

Alternative Download : It can also be download by scanning the following bar code using any bar code scanner app on your android devices. You just need to open your bar code scanner app and then place the camera pointing to this bar code, it will automatically take you to the download link.

SPB Shell 3D QR Code

Android Advices App Rating : 4.5 /5



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