How to use Facebook photos as Live wallpaper in Android phones?

android photowall appThe Android mobiles have a beautiful interface with some preloaded wallpapers that always make the look very beautiful, still to make things far better there are a few apps. One of them is the PhotoWall appp that can create a Live wallpaper using your Facebook photos. Not just Facebook, but when you opt not to keep the phone connected to the internet for the same, the Live wallpaper pulls photos directly from your phone gallery that contains the pictures captured using the phone camera.

The Live Wallpaper app has a lot of settings. One of them starts with the type of photos to be used in the Live wallpaper. The photos come in a collage view, with the simultaneous overlapping of one over the other. Here are a few settings and features of the PhotoWall Live Wallpaper

Layout selection – You can choose which layout to have in the Live wallpaper i.e. Polaroid is what comes as Default, but if you upgrade then there are few more options to choose from, including Wall, Puzzle, Fade.
Photo opening – You can opt to open the photos in ful view when a particular photo is tapped from the home screen.
Animation interval – The time interval between each photo display can be set from 1 second to 20 seconds.
Photo Effects – There are several effects that can be added to the Live photos, like Black & White, Sepia and a few others like Subtle, Vivid, Red, Blue, Wild, Random which all come when you upgrade.
Gallery + Facebook photos – You can select to view photos from both Gallery and the Facebook albums, or any one.

android photowall settings android photowall facebook settings android photowall facebook access

Here is how you can set the Live Wallpaper from Facebook Albums –
In the settings, you would see an option “Facebook Photos” where you need to select “Facebook Enabled” and then login to your Facebook account. nce you login, you would need to authenticate the service with Facebook and then it can pull the photos.
There are 3 options –

  • Show your Photos
  • Show Friends’ Photos
  • Show Tagged Photos

android phone live wallpaper selection android photowall  live wallpaper

You can select or, or any which you wish to show on the home screen. You can select the update frequency, and one of the best things in this Live Wallpaper is that you can select when to Update the photos with the new ones. Or else, this app would have been a big battery consumer.
You need to delete Cache before you see the new wallpapers / photos loaded from your Facebook account.

Download the app from the Android Apps Labs.

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