How to Increase Htc Aria Battery Life

HTC Aria Increase Battery LogoWe all want to have a battery life to last longer and the sad part is that the expectations never meet the battery performance and so does we will learn in this article on what things you will have to do so that you can save on the battery life which will eventually increase the battery life of your HTC Aria phone. As HTC Aria comes with 1200 Mah of battery power which is less than compared to other handsets like Samsung Galaxy S or even Samsung Galaxy S2 which comes with over 1500 Mah of battery strength, but not to worry we will guide you so that you can not only save the battery life but can also increase the life of your battery life. So, let’s check out the top 5 tips by which you can easily save the battery life on your htc Aria Android phone.

Never Overcharge the battery:

Always ensure that you don’t overcharge the battery, we always have tendency to excess charge the device as we tend to charge the phones overnight for not less than 8 hours which is a very bad thing to do as it directly degrades not only life of the battery but also by doing this battery tends to lose the charge quickly. Always note that if your battery charge is between 0-10% then it can take up to 4 hours to charge the battery to 100%, so never charge your device more than 4 hours.

Don’t charge Regularly:

Generally if suppose we have 5 total bars of battery which signifies 100% charge then many people plug in for charge even if there are 2-3 bars out of 5 total bars which again is not good for the batteries, unless and until its very urgent and you are going out its not advisable to charge earlier. If you frequently charge it then battery portion or the potential of 0-25% mark will never be reached and battery cycle will always remain between 25% – 100% which and will be spoiled very soon. Let the battery discharge till the last point or 10% and then plug in for charging.

Make use of AC Charger:

In an age where we all use computers and laptops, we tend to keep the device plugged in with the USB cord for charging, never do this frequently as basically the charging via USB is called as the trickle charging which not only takes longer time to charge but also its highly not recommended if your battery is less than 10%. So, make use of AC chargers more until and unless it’s urgent.

Don’t pull of Battery frequently:

Basically every battery has the Golden color notch pins and with frequent pull outs these notches become loosely fit and are rubbed with the pins which leads to the wear and tear of the contacts and hence it decreases the life of the battery and the effective charging of the device is not passed on to the phone as the contacts in the form of pins gets loosen up.

Miscellaneous Tips:

There are many more tips which you will have to consider, though these are basic tips and most of us tend to follow this promptly am not categorizing it and in fact just putting under the miscellaneous tips, so the tips are,

  • Remember to turn off the Wi Fi whenever not necessary, to do this, press HOME > MENU > Settings > Wireless & Networks.
  • Unless and until you are not using the actual 3G Service, it’s better to choose the GSM Mode network rather than selecting Dual mode or the  WCDMA Mode which drains the battery faster than the GSM mode.
  • Make sure that you set the brightness of the device to automatic and not to the fullest which is set by default, since it’s a touch screen phone back light should be not more than 15 seconds as that’s more than enough which can be done by going to HOME > MENU > Settings > Display > Brightness and Screen timeout.
  • Make sure that You Tube, music listening, programs which runs in the background including the Sync option along with Bluetooth should be turned off whenever necessary as these too constitutes fair amount of battery drain.
  • GPS as well as the Camera eats up a lot of battery, so always remember to switch these both off when not in use or necessary and specially when battery is low then it’s advised to not to use these features which can be quickly done by setting the widget shortcut on the home screen itself, touch and hold on the Home Screen in the blank area and not on any app icon and select Widget>Power Control. Add this Widget to your home screen to choose the express settings.

So, by following the above options, you can easily save on the battery life which in turn extends the battery performance too on your HTC Aria phone.


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