How to Increase Htc Desire Battery Life

HTC DesireWith 3.7 inches of screen size and 1400 Mah of battery power, you may sometimes feel that your HTC Desire is not meeting your expectations when it comes to battery as though company claims that this phone can last for a talk time of up to 390 minutes or a standby time of a whopping 360 hours but hardly it delivers these numbers as all these tests are done in the ideal conditions which are highly impossible to recreate by the users which eventually leads to lower battery problems. So, let’s try to check out on the reasons with which you will be easily able to save on your battery so that you can increase the battery life on your Android powered HTC Desire.

Battery saving tips for HTC Desire

We love flashing our phone with colorful wallpapers and preferable why not make use of moving wallpapers but you should rarely use the feature of Live wall papers as this one consumes most of the battery life as the screen consists of the moving image which in turn burns lot of battery to deliver the graphics.

Make use of Power Saving Mode:

Always ensure that you reduce the brightness of the screen so that extended back light don’t eat much battery as higher the brightness, higher is the consumption of battery power and also if you can then you can automatically put the display in the power saving mode so that it will automatically adjust the back light according to the outside light intensity.

Use darker wallpapers:

With the use of lighter wallpapers phone tends to use higher battery life as to make it visible it needs to burn higher pixels which need to be made to glow while the darker screens tends to not to burn the pixels which in turn saves the battery life. So, always use darker wall papers preferably black. using darker wallpapers constitutes to a battery saving of not less than 10%.

Turn Off unwanted apps and feature sets:

Yes, with android which is famous for multi and simultaneous use of applications we tend to use many apps at a single time, try to avoid using many apps at single time as parallel your phone will constitute the battery life as all the applications will be needing the battery power which will drain the battery faster than the normal use. The simple trick here is clear the RAM from the task manager time to time when you open up many apps and wants to close the same. Also, most importantly the features like the GPS, WiFi and also the camera are the biggest battery drainers, so use them whenever necessary and its better to turn these off whenever not in use to save on battery. You can turn off the Wi Fi from here, HOME > MENU > Settings > Wireless & Networks.

Use GSM Mode:

In an age where we talk of no less than 3G as we all love new technology and if you are the one whose operator has already rolled out the 3G Service then irrespective of you use it or not you tend to use the Network mode as Dual Mode (GSM/WCDMA), at this time what happens is that if there is 3G network available then it will search for the same, so to avoid this you can select the GSM Mode and then later you can choose WCDMA mode if you want to make any video calls.

Battery Maintenance:

Just like us, battery too requires the maintenance. To ensure that your battery’s life is extended make sure that once in two months you clean the battery contacts with the dry piece of cloth and also avoid frequent pull outs of the battery as this will degrade the life of the battery very faster than the later.

So, by following the above critical points you will be able to not only able to increase the life of the battery but also you can prolong the battery charge of your HTC Desire easily.

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