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How to Increase LG Optimus GT540 Battery Life

LG Optimus LogoOver a period of time, there has been lot of changes when it comes to an Operating systems, likings from the Android to the Windows Phone 7 and the phasing out of Symbian OS which has super battery power optimization in terms of which Nokia has adopted for its phones but most of the phones which runs on Android has a frequent complaints that the battery is not well optimized despite having one of the highest battery powers like 1500 Mah etc. which is more than sufficient to keep your phone alive at least for a day and a half. So, let’s check out on how you can easily cut down on the battery wastage in various applications so that you can optimize your battery in a much more optimized manner.

Wall Papers:

Visual experience gets on to a whole new level when we talk of either moving wallpapers or in short the live wallpapers. Whenever we use Live wallpapers it consumes a lot of battery just for a reason that this one keeps on moving in a loop as these are live moving wall papers. So, unless and until you want to show off the Live wallpapers feature on your phone it’s not recommended to use it for daily use. Also, note that its always recommended to use the darker wallpapers rather than using the light coloured wallpapers or the white background wallpapers as for wallpaper to glow it will require the pixels to be burnt which uses the a fair amount of battery, so lighter the screen the brighter it tends to be which results in higher consumption of the battery life. If you follow these both steps then you can save up to a total of 5 – 7% on your battery life.

Home ScreenSelect Wallpaper from

Prefer 2G than 3G:

In an age where 3G is knocking the doors in almost every operator it’s important to have a look at the needs and requirements as if you are the one who is neither interested in using the Video call service or the 3G Data services then it’s better to set the network not in dual mode that is WCDMA /GSM instead select the GSM Mode as this will ensure that you are on the 2G network only as in 3G the battery usage is maximum and also it keeps on scanning for the 3G Coverage frequently, considering that 3G is new the coverage will not be seamless. So, always set your phone in GSM mode for your LG Optimus GT 540 phone. You can first go to Applications > Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile networks > Network mode > Choose GSM only option out of Dual and WCDMA options as shown in the below screen shot which will be almost same even for your Optimus Phone.

SettingsMobile Network SettingsNetwork Mode

Firmware Update

It’s one of the most important aspects of the battery as the latest firmware update comes along with the latest optimizations and not to forget that the latest firmware update for LG Optimus GT 540 is the best way you can step ahead for the battery optimization. As the latest firmwares comes with the fixed bugs solving and also all applications are further optimized to increase the longevity of the battery life. You can check our site regularly as we will update it as soon as possible once the future versions like Froyo 2.2 for LG Optimus GT 540 arrives etc. or even if possible 2.3 Gingerbread f0r LG Optimus.

Battery Maintenance:

Battery maintenance is the most important thing as you will have to ensure that once in two months you wipe the battery contacts with a piece of dry cloth and also most importantly never pull out the battery more frequently as this may loosen up the battery contacts which will in turn not only reduce the battery life but also will spoil the battery sooner than the later as the contacts will become loose which will in turn make battery useless in the long run and also due to this you will have to again shell out money in buying an all new battery. Also, never put battery in water or near extreme heat conditions as this may spoil the battery and may even blast the battery which is a very dangerous thing.

Don’t charge Regularly:

Generally if suppose your phone has 60% of battery charge we tend too put our phone to charge which is not good for the battery, so unless and until its very urgent and you are going out its not advisable to charge earlier. If you frequently charge it then battery portion or the potential of 0-25% mark will never be reached and battery cycle will always remain between 25% – 100% which and will be spoiled very soon. Let the battery discharge till the last point or 10% and then plug in for charging.

So, just by following the above tips and tricks you can easily save on your battery life which will eventually increase the battery life of your LG Optimus GT 540.



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