How to Increase Samsung Galaxy Pro Battery Life

Galaxy Pro LogoWith the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Pro which has got a similar kind of design just like Motorola Charm which has not only a styled physical back lit qwerty keypad but also combines the Froyo 2.2 Android version with the 2.8 inched capacitive touch screen along with the mid-sized single core 800 MHz of processor, many would have got to have the hands on experience. This phone can be easily pre ordered from many of the leading websites. So, for all those who has already managed to buy this phone, let’s see on how you can exactly save on the battery to the most by choosing which parameters as there are many other forums which gives in the standard battery saving tips for Android but we at Androidadvices ensure that the battery saving tips are specifically tailor made for your device, in this case we will looking on how you can increase the battery life of Samsung Galaxy Pro.

Since this phone is like touch and type, it’s always advised to use the qwerty part the most rather than using the touch part as the touch screen controls use much battery life than the qwerty.

Wallpapers and Brightness:

Wallpapers and brightness constitute more than 40% of the overall battery consumption, so it’s very important to optimize these parameters. Since the Samsung Galaxy Pro comes with the Froyo 2.2 Android version, there is an option of Live Wallpapers, with the use of Live wallpapers battery tends to drain faster than later as due to continuous movement of the wallpapers it becomes very difficult to contain the battery life which in turn results in battery drain. Also, it’s very important that brightness is set to automatic rather than selecting to manual and full as this too will drain the battery faster. Always ensure that you have set the darker wallpapers and not the lighter wallpapers as with the use of lighter wallpapers the battery tends to discharge very quickly.

Android Customisation 101 – Changing Wallpapers

Battery Maintenance:

For an increased longevity of battery life it’s very important to ensure that battery is maintained which can be done by following the below steps,

  • Clean the battery contacts which are generally in the Golden in colour with a piece of dry cloth in every 3-4 months of time period,
  • Ensure that you don’t pull out the battery more often as this will spoil the battery contacts as this makes the battery contacts loosen up.
  • Never put battery in extreme temperatures like in extreme cold or in extreme hot like in sunlight or other places as this will spoil the battery immediately.
  • Never place anything above or below the battery shelf in the phone as many times we tend to place an extra sim card below the battery or above, by doing this the battery may get spoiled and may also result in battery bulging which is very dangerous.
  • Unless and until the battery charge prompts you for the low battery it’s not recommended to put your phone for charging as since every battery can be charged only for a particular number of times like say only for 1000 cycles or times after which the battery will have to be replaced, so charge it wisely so that you can save on the new battery purchase.
  • Never charge your phone with the USB when the charge is below 20% or less as basically USB charging employs trickle charging concept which is not good for battery especially when the battery charge is less than 20%, always make use of AC Power chargers to charge your phone.

Power Widget:

With Android being the super power when it comes to the customization, it’s very important to make use of such customizations with which you can make the most out of it and one such tool is the power control widget which empowers you to control 5 biggest battery drainers right on a single widget. The 5 things which are available for control in this widget are Wi Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync and also the brightness. With just a single tap you can modify these parameters with an ease. If you further wanted to increase the battery life by advanced power control widget options then you can make use of the My Settings smart application which can be downloaded from the Market Place with which you can easily control all the major power drainers right on your screen as you can see in the below screen shot.

Power control Widget


  • Apart from the above set of parameters, you also have other tips which employed while using this phone can save quite a lot of battery life. Always ensure that you have turned off the GPS as it continuously searches for the location which in short drains the battery, until and unless it’s not required just turn it off and also as soon as you finish send the files over the bluetooth, turn off the same as this one too drains the battery by a fair amount.
  • Also, if you are on Wi Fi, then ensure that you are on the 2G network as with simultaneous turn on of WiFi and 3G will ensure that battery is drained faster.
  • We all love photographs but your phone’s battery  doesn’t like the camera to get turned on very often and for a very long period as with even camera going in the stand-by mode the battery drains continuously.
  • Also, since Android and multitasking can’t be kept apart, there are many applications which runs in the background and should be closed from time to time as these apps run in background without even your intimation, these apps can be closed with the help of in built task killer and also can be done by clearing the RAM. Never use any third party task killer applications as these task killers itself utilize lot of battery life in searching continuously for the apps which are running and also the app in its own too will utilize the battery, so its recommended to make use of default task killer app which is there in the Samsung Galaxy Pro.

S, that’s it by following the above steps you can easily save on the battery life which will in turn increase the battery life for your SAMSUNG Galaxy Pro Android Phone. Do, let us know if there are any other tips and tricks which you wish to let the World know about it in the comments section below.



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