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How To Protect Bezel Less Smartphones from Display Shatters & Accidental Touches

Every smart phone user has been worried about the protection and safety of their devices and wants to safeguard them from being slipping and falling accidentally. Previously, in olden times, we have bezel phones where the display of the device has been small to medium in size and somehow it has helped the users by not being damaged when slipped from the hands.

As the time has changed, revolution in the phone industry has been taken place and smart phones have evolved which completely changed the phase of the mobile industry. Now, coming back to the bezel-less topic, most of the smart phones which are now in use have very less screen to body ratio, which means that bezel size of the smart phones has been radically decreased.

The main risks for bezel less smart phones will evolve from display shatters and accidental touches. Well, there are few ways to reduce those risks.

By using Protective cases –

This is one of the best ways to prevent the screen damage of the bezel less smart phones. The bezel less smart phones when slipped from the hands will tend to cause screen damage easily as it doesn’t have a bezel to protect it. The replacement of the screen costs the user pretty high and so it is always advisable to use a best protective case for your bezel smart phone. Choose a reputed brand and select the protective case for your device so that it fits perfectly.

protective case

By using Metal Bumpers –

This option is for those who don’t want to use protective case on their devices. Metal bumpers will protect the edges of the device thus helps in preventing the damage to the screen whenever slipped. Most of the bezel less smart phone screens will get damaged by accidental touches too. Soi, using metal bumper will reduce the risk of damage to the screen.

metal bumper

By using Tempered screen protector –

Nowadays, most of the smart phone users are using tempered glass on their screens as it protects screen much better than the normal screen guards. Choose the best quality tempered glass and apply it carefully on the screen without any air gaps. It is advisable to make use of a professional for applying the screen protector.

tempered screen protector

Additional Safety guidelines –

  • Never carry the bezel-less phones in the tighter pockets as this may cause the damage to the screen.
  • Always carry the bezel-less phones in hands or protective cases and make sure not to slip the phone.

So, before purchasing the bezel-less smart phones make sure to take the precautions and safety guidelines for protecting its screen.

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