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How to Enlarge Text on Android for Easy Readability & Better Magnification

Do you have android smart phone? By the way, are you a good reader? So, we think you might be facing difficulties in reading the text/pdfs/e-books on your android phone. But, this issue can be solved very easily without even wearing the spectacles. Android has some features using which users can easily read anything in a comfortable manner.

Some of the phone freaks might have tried these options as they are very eager to explore the android features. So, we are here to help the new users to explore these options which help you to read the text in a convenient way.

Magnification Gestures –

This is one of the easily manageable option with which every user can enlarge the text size of the particular document. All you need to do is, open ‘Settings->Accessibility->Magnification Gestures’ and turn the magnification gesture ON.

Magnification gestures

By enabling this feature, you can triple-tap the screen so that you will be entered into the zoom section. Later on, you can use two fingers to enlarge and decrease the size. The main advantage of this feature is, it provides you zoom option with triple-tap and not with double-tap. So, by triple-tap you can able to see the text much more easily than the double-tap.

This can be extremely useful for the long-time readers as they can adjust the zoom level easily and can continue their reading without any interruption.

Using Large Text option –

Another way to increase the text-size of the alphabets is by enabling the large text option which can be found in the accessibility settings. For few handsets, you can find this option somewhere else like in display settings.

large text

The actual path for large text option is ‘Settings->Accessibility->Large Text’.

Using Font size option –

In android, there are plenty of options to make the text bigger. Another way is by changing the font size, this can be done easily using the display settings. Just go through, ‘Settings->display->Font Size’.

Font size

In the font size you will be having various options from small to large and you can set the size according to your will. In few handsets, there are various other sizes also available like XL and XXL, which makes the size even bigger.

Using High-Contrast Text –

High-contrast text option is available for the lollipop users and is it is said to be an experimental feature. It will make the text to appear darker than normal. By this option, it becomes a bit easier to read the text and helps you to reduce the strain for the eyes. You can turn this feature ON by following this path. ‘Settings->Accessibility settings->High Contrast Text’.   

In few android handsets, you will find the accessibility option in the additional settings under the settings. So, please make sure to check the settings carefully and find out the accessibility settings.

Along with the above mentioned methods, there are few other options in accessibility settings like invert colors using which you can see the change in text appearance. So, now relax and use any of the above settings to start reading anything you need without any strain.

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