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How to Root Nook Color to Install Apps & Games Tutorial

Nook colorNook Color, which is an Android e-book reader which is worth approximately $250 can now be rooted so that you can now install advanced applications and games as per your needs and that too without any limitations. So let’s proceed for a step by step rooting process of Nook color. Before we proceed for rooting this device, make sure that you have Nook Color, a minimum of 64MB or higher microSD card with a USB cable for connecting Nook color with your computer.

Procedure to Root the Nook Color:

  • Now, after extracting the files with WinRAR or even WinZip, insert microSD card to your PC and write the extracted image content on to the microSD card.

If you are new to writing image on microSD card, follow the steps:

– Firstly, Launch the terminal and un mounts the microSD card preferably run as root.

– Now, navigate to the directory where you have extracted the zip contents of the downloaded file,

# umount /dev/<sdcard>

Where <sdcard> stands for microSD card. Now, just replace with your card’s name in this is it. Also, most importantly make sure that you’re writing to your sd card and not on your hard disk!

# dd if=nooter_sdcard_40mb.img of=/dev/<sdcard>

  • After done with the writing, simply eject the microSD card from your PC.
  • Now, after ejecting the sd card safely you will have to shut down your Nook completely and then insert microSD card into your Nook Color device.
  • Now, you will have to connect the Nook color with your computer with the help of USB cable.
  • After connecting, Nook will boot the microSD and then you will see that your computer recognizes the new USB device and will automatically start installing it. Also, note that in Windows, your PC may say about missing drivers. Just ignore it and just wait for 30 seconds so that script makes the necessary changes which will enable ADB.
  • Now, unplug the USB cable from your Nook, remove microSD card and just reboot Nook Color by holding down the power button continuously for 15 seconds.
  • Now again connect the USB cable to Nook and computer and you will find that firmware will get modified so that it enables ADB connections. Since Nook is newer than ADB, you will need to update the ADB ini files before ADB detects the same. Note that the NC vendor id is 0×2080.To update the drivers just follow the below mentioned simple instructions.

For Windows : NookColor USB ADB

For Linux and Mac: Put the Nook Color vendor id in the adb_usb file with the following command as mentioned below:

sudo sh -c “mkdir -p ~/.android; echo 0×2080 > ~/.android/adb_usb.ini; adb kill-server; adb devices”

This is it, you can now go ahead and install the apk files on your Nook color using ADB in the SDK without any hassles. So to install the applications and games on your Nook color next time, just run the command using ADB that is adb install package.apk where package .apk of the app is the app which you wish to install.

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