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HTC One M9 vs One M8: Should you upgrade your Phone?

Well, HTC might have become a victim of too many leaks this year, with even an official video and now a Best Buy listing which have nearly confirmed the rumoured specifications of the new HTC flagship. Now that the device has been announced with what was expected are looking forward to upgrading to the latest HTC flagship? If yes, let us tell you why you should go with this upgrade.

Design – Better than competition

HTC One M9

The new HTC One M9 has the same design language that was seen on the last year’s M8 model. While many argue that HTC should have brought something new, well your complaints might be logical. But it is also true that the last year’s model has one of the best designs we have seen on flagship smartphone. Considering that you should give a chance to make M9 its case for the flagship of the year title. One of the design issues that M9 addressed was the placement of the power button. Previously it was placed on the top edge; now it has been moved to the right edge for more comfortable stance, although, it also depends on what you consider a bad or good position.

Display – No Quad HD is a good thing

You may see this as a bad thing that company didn’t include a 2K display, and some of you may would already considered that if no 2K display on a flagship, would it be any worth to me? Well, the answer is yes because a Full HD display is quite frankly enough if you are not looking to take a hit on the battery life. All these high-resolution 256 x 1440 pixel displays does is that they use too much battery, as to produce that much of resolution on a 5-inch smartphone you need a bigger battery rating, which is always not possible as it affects the compactness of the device. Therefore, it may be a wise decision by the company that they didn’t opted for 2K display, and instead packed the Full HD LCD3 display.

Software – Android Lollipop

HTC fans would love this upgrade while the non-HTC users know for a fact that the Sense UI is one of the snappier interfaces out there. The new Sense 7 UI will be based on the Android Lollipop 5.0.2. Though, we wouldn’t say that there are too many radical changes done on the new Sense 7 when compared to Sense 6. But there are enough changes done in the visual and features departments that would undoubtedly give Sense 7 some advantage over the previous version.

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The visual changes on the latest Sense UI are more subtle. Like the Weather/Clock widget has now italic font. Though, you get more than that, there are customizable themes, a dynamic smart launcher, as well as a lock screen with contextual suggestions. It is a good thing that HTC doesn’t like to alienate their users by completely changing the features, but instead improves them not by changing their complete appearances. And that is maintained by the new Sense 7 UI.

Hardware – Processor and Memory

HTC One M9 - Front and Back

When comparing the hardware on the old and new flagship phones, one thing can be kept in mind, consistency. That’s what company has done on its M9, when moving from M8 hardware. While the design language is same, the processor has been bumped up to a latest Octa-Core 64-bit Snapdragon 810 chipset. It is coupled with massive 3GB RAM and the new Adreno 430 GPU for supporting the high-end graphics for gaming.

Talking about consistency, company has still maintained its standard internal storage option to 32GB. It is not terrible because the 32GB is still considered an abundant storage. Moreover, you have an option to expand storage via microSD card.

Camera – Low light Selfie

The gimmicky UltraPixel Duo camera on the M8 received its part of the controversy. It has been all seen when we compared the camera with its rivals last year. While it doesn’t come in line with other rear cameras on its competition, but we did like how the low light scene was captured by that UltraPixel. It probably made sense to HTC that they should shift that camera to the front, which is where the low light capture is often required. And eventually that sounds more promising than putting the UltraPixel on back.

And if you still want to get convinced that M8 is still a good option for you, then, there is only one reason for that; you love your M8 camera shots and believes that the UltraPixel camera is good enough for you to go by this year too. Then, you may not necessarily need to upgrade to the new device, as the Android Lollipop update for M8 has already been released while most of the things are same like display.

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