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9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About HTC One M9

After announcing its latest flagship today, the HTC One M9, the Taiwanese company may have finally taken a breath, as there were many rumours about the device and already leaked official video and the recent hands-on before the launch of the device. Though, there are some things about M9 that you probably didn’t know about. If you were wondering the same thing, then, we have got you covered.

Camera – Low-light Selfie

Remember the 4MP UltraPixel that was found in the M7 and M8 now has been moved to the front. Though, it is only one camera module placed on the top of the display, as there was no space for the duo setup that was found on M8 on back. Its greatest strength is low-light photography, so it does indeed a stand a chance to be one of the better selfie shooters out there.

Design – Similar but different

Company draws experience and expertise of high-end watchmakers, and how they integrate the use of metal is all about that. As it now introduced a dual finish metal uni-body design, although it is much similar to what was seen on M8. The phone has a jewelry grade finish, which makes it scratch resistant and avoid slips on distinct ridges, and for a fact that was a common problem with M8. For better or worse, the volume button has been split into two separate keys for up and down.

Processor – Powerful Chipset

The HTC One M9 is the second handset that feature a Snapdragon 810, while Samsung is not using this chipset on its new Galaxy S6. So, it makes an advantage for HTC to providing this chipset. It will be compatible with LTE category 6 standards as well as TDD for India.

Software – Sense 7 UI

The One M9 would be the first device that would be coming with out of the box Android Lollipop, which integrates the new Sense 7. And apparently the Sense 7 UI has a new photo editor with shapes and options to combine two images into a single photo, as well as it will recommend apps based on your interests. The new features include the theme auto creator, which would make it very easy to personalize the appearance of the UI with wallpaper, icons everything.

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Though, it is not yet known if the rumored Avatar maker, where users would be able to make avatars for their profiles. We would know we go hands-on with the device soon. Sense 7 isn’t just smart; it’s also beautiful. Sense generates themes on the basis of just a single photo you provide. You would also able to customize the navigation buttons, like adding the fourth button if ever needed to.

Camera App – Improved features

While the camera is bumped up to 20MP which is probably the Sony sensor that can be found on Xperia Z2 and Z3. But to make it even better, HTC has made drastic changes to its camera app. There will be separate editor and gallery app to access the photos. You will also find a lot of new filters with prismatic effects, animations, which would help you in shaping the photographer in you. While you can also save your RAW photos too, which would be only available as an additional download. Moreover, the new Gallery app would be able to pull images from all top photo locations like Dropbox, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Gestures – Something cool

HTC One M9 - Harmon Kardonq

There are some gestures that can be found on all the flagship phones, like double tap to wake, as well as some smart motions gestures for calling, camera app, etc. But this new three-finger gesture input on HTC One M9 is some new and unique. By swiping three fingers, you can send music to wireless speakers that support the standards, including the Harmon Kardon that company announced in its MWC event.

BoomSound – Better than ever

Yes, the BoomSound speakers are still here, but this time with Dolby Audio Surround 5.1 sound that makes it the only flagship with an incredibly amazing speaker output. While most of the companies thinks that the speaker output doesn’t matter to users, that when the HTC’s BoomSound speakers prove them wrong.

HTC Connect – Pair Up devices

Even though, this feature has been around for some time with HTC’s flagship model, but with a new generation company has improved the quality of this feature. They have also partnered up with a popular Harmon-Kardon to pair up this feature with their products.

Dot View Case – Version 2.0

So, HTC decided to improve its Dot View Case, which was originally introduced with Last year’s M8. The second generation Dot View case sports several new features including the ability to create custom wallpapers, which can be created by just drawing them on the phone with your finger. What’s more amazing than that is now you can play games on the cover, yes that’s right, because why not. The gaming is what we had always wanted from a phone case.

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