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How to Increase Motorola Droid Razr XT910 Battery Life

Battery saving is sometimes more important for someone than calling or sending messages from their phones. There are many common-sense tips which usually work for most of the phones, that would help in saving a lot of battery on the same amount of usage. Connectivity options, graphics display and brightness settings, limitation of background data are the usual tips which we would anyways explain to you below, but the best deal is from XDA developers forum where they have given some of the best and working tips for saving battery life in your Motorola Draoid Razr, i.e. the XT910 mobile phone.

Motorola Droid Razr battery

Here are a few tips on how you could save the battery life on your Motorola Droid Razr phone:

Brightness level adjustment, manually adjust to low:

One of the most important and simple option is to keep the brightness level low, whenever you feel like its not necessary. The brightness level kept at automatic has its own advantages and disadvantages, because it does save your phone battery by keeping the levels low when not needed but at the same time, when you keep switching between places that have different light conditions, the sensor is pinged so many times and you would be seeing a depletion of battery for that reason. It’s better to keep the manual battery setting and kept that at low brightness would be the best bargain.

Android brightness

Connectivity limited when not in usage:

Connectivity should be kept at its least when you are not doing anything important or not using the data network. Using Wi-Fi is totally different and less battery consuming when compared to the 3G / 4G data network connection which eats up a lot of battery. It’s always advisable to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi if there is an availability, and if you aren’t using the Internet at all then the connection should be toggled off.

Background data turned off / on with interval updating:

You should keep the background data set up such that if you want to check the mails regularly, you should keep it set such that the phone keeps checking for the mails automatically every interval of time, and its the best to keep it set for 1 hour interval for the mail checking. Keeping the background data on for always would reduce the battery life by almost 50%.

Android background data

Setcpu function for better battery:

There is a setcpu function in the Motorola Droid Razr, which makes the phone internal functioning limited when you are not using it and when it is kept idle. This is a feature that has to be installed as an application and it does hurt the performance of the phone, but when you are not using it, why would you care about the performance when its idle? Using this feature one can set a particular Mhz level of performance and you could set it up to 200-300 MHz where the battery level is low.

SetCPU function droid razr

Juicedefender app for automated connectivity:

This is another application which the XDA developers have suggested to automate things like the Wi-Fi setting, the 2G/3G network toggling based on the network availability and many a times when you are unaware of the network availability and want the phone to handle the connectivity stuff by itself.

JuiceDefender app


One of the tested results of this optimization is that once the Internet Radio application which had drained a lot of battery earlier, now after all the optimization and settings drained 9% battery per hour with the continuous usage and when this was on, the Internet connection was continuously active.
There are various applications which show you that they would be helping in conserving the battery of your Motorola Droid Razr, but most of them fail to fill the purpose. Its better to follow the general rules and common steps rather than trying to install multiple apps expecting the same results. The above tests have shown the Razr to perform continuously for more than 12 hours.



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