How to Increase Performance & Speed of Google Chrome on Android

Wanna increase the speed and performance of Google Chrome for Android browser in your Android smartphone or tablet? Then we will guide you with the same. You may have come across unresponsive nature of the browser in your Android device which even causes the crash of the browser which is due to memory issues along with other couple of issues. So lets check out the ways with which your browsing experience will not only be transformed into a simpler one but will be faster one as well.

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So first up, download Google Chrome Browser in your Android device just in case if you had uninstalled the app from your device.

  • Open Google Chrome Browser app and choose Settings from the list of options which you can get into by tapping on the Menu button.
  • Tap on “Developer Tools” option from the list and then ensure that the check box to the right is disabled with the “Enable Tilt Scrolling”. This is nothing but won’t render the stack view which otherwise gets loaded once you fling the device.
  • After making the above changes, you will have to restart the Chrome Browser for experiencing the changes applied. After this, enable the USB Debugging option in the app which your device is connected to the PC which will help you debug the pages.
  • Alternatively, you may also choose to clear the cache and data usage from “Manage Applications” section or from the Settings option. From Manage Applications, select “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” which will further speed up the browser.


  • Additionally, in the Google Chrome Settings page, you may also choose to Pre load the web pages which will make sure that the pages are loaded in the background for a zippier view. Please note that this may increase the data consumption. So make sure that you internet plan offers good amount of data limits.


So there you go, with the help of some simple steps we have checked out on how easy it was to speed up your Google Chrome. Do let us know for any queries related to Google Chrome in the comments section below.

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