How to Install Android Apps in Blackberry 10 OS Phones – Guide

You need no fancy tricks nor hacking tips for installing the Android apps in your Blackberry smartphone which is loaded with the latest BB OS 10.2.1. While Blackberry has been in the news regarding the future launches and also there were rumors of Blackberry being working secretly working on building an android smartphone. The process of installing an android app in blackberry smartphone has now fairly become easy and simple. Earlier, the process of installing android app wanted the users to convert the APK file into the Blackberry 10 compatible BAR format and install the same through the command line or with the help of Chrome extension.

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Just earlier this week, Blackberry has announced the BB 10.2.1 OS which ropes in many new functionalities in which it allows the direct installation of android apps without you needing to separately converting the APKs to the BAR format. Once you have 10.2.1 on your device, the easiest way to install Android apps going forward will be by installing the Amazon App store. As Amazon App store is only available on the Kindle devices by default, it allows users to even side load the app store. Blackberry 10 users too who are on the 10.2.1 OS version can install the Amazon App Store.

There are quite a number of ways with which you can install the android app store in Blackberry smartphone, but this one is the simplest of all. You can install Amazon App Store in your BB10 device by visiting Once you are on the App store page, tap on download button to download the same. Please note that you may be prompted to enable the installation of apps outside of BlackBerry World; just follow the on screen instructions.


Once the Amazon App Store is installed in your BB10 device, open the same and sign into your Amazon account and begin browsing the Appstore as if you were on an Android device.

The only catch here is that, you won’t be able to make use of all the apps in your BB10 device which are there in the app store, but you will be able to install most of the popular apps like Slacker, fb messenger etc. Also, the app experience may not be as fluidic and smooth when used in the Android smartphone.

BB 10 App Store Amazon

Just in case if your Blackberry smartphone is on older version of BB OS, then you can very well make use of other ways. You can also make use of 1 Mobile Market to install the android apps in the Blackberry OS but this only works on the leaked BB 10 OS. To do so, just point your BlackBerry browser to

Do let us know your views on whether you were able to install the same in your device or not in the comments section below as we will try our level best to sort out the same. List of devices which are on the latest BB 10 OS 10.2.1 includes Z10, Q10, Z30, Q5 or P’9982.

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