JustPictures – A Nice little Imaging App for Android

Most Android phones come with a pretty nifty image viewer. However, that doesn’t stop you from wanting something a little more powerful or versatile in regards to the organisation and usability of an image viewer. The solution is pretty easy, check out JustPictures. JustPictures is available from the Android app Market and is compatible with many of the major image websites on the web (such as Flickr, SmugMug and Picasa Web Albums). However, it doesn’t stop there. JustPictures also integrates seamlessly with Facebook so you can easily upload images directly from your phone to your Facebook photo album. The buck doesn’t stop there however and you can access Facebook albums through the app to store them for quick access at a later date.

Just-Pictures A Nice little Imaging App for Android

So essentially, JustPictures is a web enabled gallery program that specifically focuses on images. This is one of its strengths as well. The generic gallery software that comes with many Android phones actually sorts through all of the media in the memory. JustPictures focuses just on images and it does this well. I also find many gallery programs that come with Android phones a little jerky because they sort through all of the media on the device. Because JustPictures works with images it is quite snappy and responsive – even though it offers thumbnails for every image in the folders that they are stored in. It works with every version of Android however certain functions will only work with newer Android builds (such as the Live Wallpaper feature built into the software).

One of the nicer things about JustPictures is the price. It is free. So you need not pay a few extra dollars for what is an image viewer. Even though it is a pretty advanced image viewer because of its web related capabilities – it is a nice little addition to the apps on your Android device. If you use a tablet PC with Android installed then it is a perfect addition to the suite of apps because it really brings your photos to life. This is not a feature limited to Android tablet PCs – the software runs equally well on an Android phone despite the lesser amount of system resources set aside for image processing.

So check it out. You don’t have anything to lose besides a few minutes of your time. It is a relatively easy app to install and if you have ever installed an Android app you won’t have any trouble getting JustPictures onto your Android device. It is a must have app for those of us who use our devices to show off images to friends and families. It is also a great app for people who use the camera embedded in their Android device because it is easy to categorise images into relevant folders for easy retrieval. Add to this the ability to easily upload and download images to imaging sites and social networks and you have an all in one suite on your hands for the easy transferral and viewing of images.

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