LogMeIn Ignition Comes to Android

One of the most powerful apps that I really fell in love with when using an iPhone was LogMeIn. LogMeIn allows users to remotely access their computer from anywhere. While it may be hard to comprehend at first – it actually brings up your desktop onto your phone and gives you pretty much full control over your computer. In fact I have read stories about people who have had the server installed on their computer and the client installed on their phone and then had their computer stolen. LogMeIn allowed the actual owner of the computer to dig up enough information on the thief to get their computer back. It is literally that powerful. Although this is not the only use that LogMeIn has – it is a nice little security measure.

LogMeIn Ignition Comes to Android

LogMeIn was initially an iPhone app that sold for around thirty dollars on the iTunes Store. Now it has come to Android and it is already making waves. As of writing this the Android version is still in beta – however, this is unlikely to last long because it seems like it is about ready to go. I played around with it and it seems every bit as stable as the iPhone version. There are also very limited downloads available and it is only available to people in certain countries – so get in while you can if you are an American, Australian, Brit or New Zealander (these are the main countries where it is available at present – I believe there are a few others however). It is actually a fairly responsive remote access tool.

Once you download the app you will need to make an account on the LogMeIn website and also install a server on your computer. The whole process takes about ten minutes and then you can start playing around with it. It affords you quite a great deal of control over your computer and it is pretty easy to use. Most of the major functions that you are likely to use when using your computer are easily done via keyboard shortcuts on your Android device (things such as right click, ALT+Tab and Ctrl+Alt+Delete are all there). You can view your documents by opening them up with Word or OpenOffice pretty easily too – you can even edit them. Although this isn’t really recommended as it is a little jerky because it all is done via an internet connection.

I am not sure when the beta ends (I assume soon however) and once it hits the Market then it will probably cost around the same as the iPhone equivalent. However this is a one off purchase cost and you won’t have a recurring fee to pay each month so it is really thirty dollars well spent. It is pretty easy to use so you won’t have a massively steep learning curve – that said you will have to learn how to operate the software. It is handy for people who need access to their computer while out and about and don’t really want to worry about having an FTP client installed on their phone.

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