Lexmark Cloud Based Print Solution for Printing through Android Mobiles

The Lexmark Print Release will make use of cloud and the pull printing solution to print the documents and you can print your documents from any printer. The Lexmark Print Release allows users to send print jobs & work to the print queue from a PC, tablet or smartphones.

PowerPoint PresentationThe Print Release from Lexmark allows users to reduce the printing costs and provides flexible deployment options. This technology introdfuces new functions, it’s seamless and its cost effective too. Lexmark recommends to go with Lexmark Document Accounting which is ideal for implementation of Lexmark Print Release. This will monitor all the activities happening in your cloud and you are tension free of your servers. When it comes to security, it’s the utmost priority and this would provide with security at its best.

You can also know who printed, what devices they printed from and information on the types of documents printed. You can print the documents from your Android mobile phone but they should be atleast running on Android 2.1 OS. The Lexmark Print Release gives you the ability not only to print in the tradition IT environment but give your freedom of printing on the go without having go wired. Now you see employee using tablets and iPads lot more in work environment and with such devices its always required to go cloud even required to go wireless.

The Lexmark can offer on premise software and Software as a service to get better outputs from your inputs.



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