Light Flow App for Custom LED Notifications Supports Note 3 & 27 New Apps Compatibility

Update : The Light Flow app now is compatible with 27 new apps including the Official BBM Client, Google Keep, AIM etc. Along with this the newest version ie 3.10.1 offers Samsung Note 3 compatibility along with which it would also run on Samsung Phones running KNOX.

The LED Notification light on Galaxy Nexus is pretty amazing and something which you might be interested to have it on your device. More if you are a Blackberry device users and miss the BeBuzz or BerryBuzz application then LightFlow is a must try. Thanks To Light Flow Android app which allows users to take control of the various notifications like vibrations, repeating sounds and lot more.LightFlow App

This application allows the colors to flash in succession so that whenever you have a new SMS or a missed call it can alert you among the various colors assigned for each task. Different colors for different notification can be set by user itself and various customization options are available as well. If you are looking to utilize the multi-color functions of your phone then this Generation next application is a must try. There are both paid and the free version of this app available at Google Play Store and as we know the full version allows you to customize a number of additional notifications. This application allows users to take control of over 250 applications and system events like –

  • Missed calls
  • Voice mail
  • Calendar reminders
  • Gmail
  • Email alerts
  • SMS notifications
  • Low battery
  • No Signal
  • Facebook

Users can set up sleep mode or on charge mode where in the lights, sound or the vibration will not be heard or seen. But there might be some known issues and limitations as this application is growing and coming out with fixes every time when there is an update, so if you see an update to this app then don’t forget to install it. For some HTC phones you might be required rooting access and those support 3 colors only, some can’t have their notification light always on, some might not see the notification link.LED Notifications

For Customization you need to visit the Settings from your phone and under Device you will find the option of LED indicator and when you tap on the same you will have the three different options as follows –

  • Charging – LED lights up when the device is connected to the charger
  • Low Battery – LED lights up when battery level is low
  • Missed event  – LED lights up when you have a missed calls, messages or application event

Well that was about the customization but when you install this application for the first time you need to go through some of the basic stuff so that your Light Flow app works. You need to open the application and then tap on Settings and then tap on Enable Light Flow. Now Go back to the home screen and then tap on Settings, you will find the option of Accessibility, tap on it. Under Services you will find new service called Light Flow Lite tap on it and enable the same.LED Notifications

For a trial you can download the free version on your phone directly by visiting the Google Play Store. If you have just upgraded from the Lite version to the full version and if you see LEDs are not working then try to disable it and re-enable the notification in the light flow.

We have gone through this application working and customization through a video tutorial followed here –




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