Store, Backup & Share Data worth 50GB for FREE – Download Mediafire for Android APK

When it comes to Storage, you might have trusted Dropbox, Google Drive or say Skydrive its just mere 2GB or say a maximum of 5GB of Free Storage, but with the arrival of “MediaFire” into Cloud Storage for Android it offers a whopping 50GB of FREE Space to store all your Files. So, be it Music, Videos, Documents or say any other stuff, you can store everything in this. To add further value this 50GB can be accessed with the help of a simple Android application. So, let’s check out on how exactly you can use this Mediafire for Android application and also the features which this app comes along with. For your convenience, we have also summed up a detailed list of features which this app comes along with.


Features of MediaFire for Android:

• Keep all your important files at your fingertips.
• View docs, spreadsheets, presentations, video, and listen to audio.
• Take and upload pictures and videos directly in the MediaFire app.
• Upload Android gallery images.
• Create and manage folders of files.
• Share files on the go via email, SMS, through other Android apps, and with copy and paste links.
• Quickly search all your MediaFire files and folders

Procedure to Install MediaFire for Android Application:

  • Download MediaFire for Android application from Google PLAY Store to your phone and open the same to store the files and share the same. This app supports most of the Android OS versions.

Mediafire-1 MediaFire-2 MediaFire-3 MediaFire-4

  • The best part of this application is that you can also upload almost all the files directly to the Mediafire application for Android. After installing the app, open the same and follow the on screen instructions to use the Mediafire app.

Do let us know just in case if you face any issues as we will try our level best to sort out the same.



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