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List of Best Android NFC phones you can Buy Today

NFC AndroidThe NFC technology (Near Field Communication) is becoming a widely used system for simplified transactions, wireless data transfer between the two devices which are in near range. Since this technology is alpha stage and not many products have this technology enabled on their mobile phone. However you can taste the NFC technology on Android using the File Expert Android apps which will showcase you how the NFC will work by automatically sending file to another Android phone when brought in near range of 4 cms vicinity and file are transferred by automatically enabling the Bluetooth using this application. This apps works on all the Android mobile phones and this is not exactly NFC but somehow it showcases how NFC technology would look like.

Here we provide you the comprehensive list of all the handsets which are present around the world with NFC technology with Android operating system on it.

Google Nexus S

Google Nexus S

The first device from Google, Nexus S phone is the first device to have the NFC support built-in and it was also the first device with Gingerbread 2.3 OS update. Google Nexus S phone is widely available in United States with various network providers and with 4G from Sprint, along with availability in United Kingdom and 30 other countries to list with. So this makes Nexus S as the widely available NFC phone and if you are looking to test the NFC technology no other handset than this is worth capable.

Samsung Galaxy S II with NFC

Samsung Galaxy S2 New Logo

When it was launch the NFC wasn’t built-in Galaxy S II but with the recent launch in Korea, NFC features comes built in the device. For the Korean users they can purchase Galaxy S II and it’s also available via Orange network in Europe, AT&T and T-Mobile in United States.

The users would be happy to test out NFC on this device because Galaxy S II is the best Android handset at the moment and it has already surpassed 10 million handset sales this week.

HTC Ruby with NFC

HTC Amaze 4G

HTC Ruby also known as HTC Amaze 4G has also got NFC technology built-in with this device HTC Ruby with NFC is available via T-Mobile in United States.

Huawei Sonic with NFC

Huawei Sonic with NFC

The Huawei would be the cheapest Android mobile phone with NFC chip available on this handset. This device first would be available in Turkey as Turkcell 20 and the worldwide launch is not yet launched.

Sky Vega Racer in Korea

Sky Vega Racer

The Sky Vega Racer on Pantech is a high-end Android powered dual core smartphone which matches Galaxy S II. But Sky Vega Racer is available in Korea only. This handset also gets NFC chip and it’s among the few handset in Korea with NFC.

Phones Coming Soon with NFC Features

Apart from the above mobile phone with NFC there are several other mobile phones which are slated to have NFC chip. Few handsets like Acer Liquid Express E320, LG LU 6200, LG Optimus Net, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and manufacturers too have considered this on the top list.

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